Rarbg Proxy 2018 – Rarbg Unblocked & Rarbg Mirror Sites List


Rarbg is the site where every movie lovers love to access since 2008. They have the access to different and the latest movies of the entertainment media.

But due to few reasons, the site has been blocked at various regions of the countries. Though it is being considered as the greatest torrent website, yet the site is not reachable. It is fully blocked.

But movies lovers are not willing to leave the website and get going. They need to know other tricks to get the access. So we have shared some of the tricks through which the site can be easily reached out.

When we need to download music, videos, audios or any such items from internet, we require torrents client. There are many such torrent clients. But among all of them the Rarbg is considered the best one. It is fully due to the high quality image resolution and the latest availability. Presently Rarbg is considered the one with the huge loaded categories.

Using VPN Step by Step to Access Rarbg Torrents:

Now when the site is blocked and you need to access it, different other ways are there to get the site unblocked.

First we will discuss the method which will use the VPN for the unblocking process of the Rarbg torrent.

VPN is the services which actually masks the IP address and give the access. So to mask the IP address, there is different software that is much better way to get the access.

Now what are the benchmarking categories for this software?

Mainly the security encryption, privacy, user interface and the bandwidth are considered the benchmark for the accessing service.

Once you download the VPN software, you have to open the browser like the Google chrome. This would also bring in the access to the sites without any blockage. One important thing is that the location should be chosen minutely. Mainly the location is being chosen manually and the common one is the United States where there is no blockage of the site.

Don’t forget to follow the rules while opening through the VPN software. Don’t keep the VPN software open for longer period of time. Or you can breach the security of the system. So use it for a short period of time. It can be kept open until the activation of the KATtorrents was restricted for the longer period of time.

Here are the steps through which one can get the access through the VPN browser extension:

  1. Go to the Google chrome
  2. Opt the app market of the google chrome
  3. Type “Browser” in the search bar and download it
  4. Allow the function to be active on your system. This would allow all the permission.
  5. The extension will be seeing on the top of the browser. Click it and enable it.
  6. Better to change the location to the United States.
  7. Or do it as per your will. This would easily give access to the site.

Rarbg Proxy – What is it?

So let us give you an idea about the Rarbg proxy software.

These are some of the sites which are used to get the access fulfilled. The proxy server does not make use of the 3rd party software in order to unblock. These are commonly used for the Rarbg torrent website.

But the challenge is that the proxy server is not well equipped with the topmost security and privacy contents. You can call it the middleman or bridge between the server and it’s users to get access to it.

Most of the users do not prefer this method as the users will get the visibility. This obviously led to the breach of copyright agreement.

But even though it has some risks, but no other methods are quick and simplest solutions. Anyone can get sure access through it.

Here are some of the proxy sites or mirror sites

Here are some of the proxy sites or mirror sites which can be considered while you getting the access:

  1. Free
  2. top
  3. ch
  4. com
  5. pw
  6. net

Rarbg Mirror Sites – What is It?

So you get aware of the proxy servers. Now, what about the mirror sites?

The mirror sites are the different solution. It is having the different domain name for similar content. Whether you are belonging from any nationalities, it is easy to get the access. Most importantly it maintains a steady traffic while being hosted on the different servers. The velocity is also decided based on the geographical locations too. The most important mirror site maintain the traffic very smoothly. We are hoping that soon the approval of mirror site will be given by the Rarbg management team. They are working on it and are making the task easier.

So from any location, you can get the access and handle the traffic very smoothly and very fast.  There are a lot of copies of the site so choose anyone among them.


If you are a movie lover and want to download the latest movies then the Rarbg is the best site. Many locations are blocking it for different reasons. But users can use it in different ways. There are many tricks which are used for the purpose. To get the tricks the proxy servers and the VPN servers are the best. We have described it in detail in this article follow them and get them. Once you get the access, you will get the ease of the software downloading and the different files. Use the servers of your choice and get them for your application of the different categories.

When you get the access to the site, you can get the kinds of stuff under different categories. Thus the search can be made easier and faster.  Many time if you are facing issues with the Rarbg download. Follow the proxy servers and the VPN process to overcome the challenges. To get something good we will face the issues. But alternatives are there to get them. There are lots of ways to get them. So don’t be discouraged. Be enthusiasts and get them going. You can get everything of your choice. Get everything of your like and enjoy the entertainment.

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