The best way to use night mode browsing in Google Chrome

Do you browse Internet during night? Then this article is meant for you.   In this article, we have come up with an excellent trick by which you can browse anything on the Internet at night conveniently.

Let’s check out how can you do it.

How to browse the Internet with Night mode version in Google Chrome?

Night mode version of Google Chrome allows you to invert your browser into color mode which will provide you a perfect environment for work during night. It will also help you to keep your eyes healthy as the bright while light may cause harm to your eyes.

There are various ways by which you can work on night mode in Google Chrome. In this article we will provide you step-by-step procedure for each and every way.

Using Dark Reader: One of the most convincing way

With Dark reader feature you will not only be able to invert the colors of the website that you want to visit but you will also be able to transform the bright blinding stuff into dark theme. It will certainly help your eye to get relaxed especially when you browse during the night. The following are the step by which you will be able to use Dark Reader in Google Chrome:

Step 1: Add Dark Reader extension on Google Chrome browser and then click on Add to Chrome, as

shown in Figure 1:

                                                                          Figure 1: Adding Dark Reader extension

Then a pop-up will appear as shown in Figure 2:

                                                                                    Figure 2: Pop-up

Step 2: Click on Add extension button as shown in Figure 2.

Then the extension will be installed, and the following screen will appear as shown in Figure 3.

                                                                           Figure 3: Dark Reader Extension

Step 3: Set everything according to your requirements such as brightness, contrast, fonts, sepia, etc. as shown in Figure 3.

Once you set everything you will get the screen as shown in Figure 4:

                                       Figure 4: Google search engine screen after implementing Dark Reader

Similar Extensions: Some other effective extensions to work at night

Apart from Dark Reader, there are similar other ways by which you can work effectively at night.

So, we have come up with some excellent and effective extensions by which you can keep your night mode on and work at night easily.


Turn Off the Lights: An amazing way to work at night

Turn off the Lights is another amazing extension of Google Chrome which will enable you to work at night without any issues. It is a lightweight extension that is very useful to those users who frequently works at night and finds difficulties in browsing when the light is switched off.

Let’s check out the steps by which you can add this extension in your Google Chrome web browser.

Step 1: Add Turn Off the Lights extension on Google Chrome and click on Add to Chrome button as shown in Figure 5:

                                                Figure 5: Adding Turn Off the Lights extension on Google Chrome

Then a pop-up will appear as shown in Figure 6:

                                                                                        Figure 6: Pop-up

Step 2: Click on Add extension as shown in Figure 6.

Once the extension is added, Turn Off the Lights icon will appear on the extension bar as shown in Figure 7:

                                                                                 Figure 7: Turn Off the Lights icon

Step 3: Right-click on the icon and select Option as shown in Figure 7.

Then the following screen will appear as shown in Figure 8:

                                                                    Figure 8: Selecting Night Mode

Step 4: Click on the Night mode from the right hand side and enable the first option as shown in Figure 8.

Now click on the extension simply and the web browser will appear as follows:

                                                Figure 8: Web browser after enabling Turn Off the Lights

Night Mode Pro: One excellent Google Chrome extension

Night mode pro is another amazing Google Chrome extension that provides some excellent features for working at night. It has the capacity to change the luminosity of the screen whenever the user surfs on the Internet. Apart from that, it also helps in adjusting the brightness. Not only that, it will help you to protect your eye because with this extension you can dim the light whenever the environment is dark and you can easily change the screen brightness on days.

Figure 9 shows the view of Google website when it is opened in Night mode pro extension:

                                                                             Figure 9: Night Mode Pro

High Contrast: Another amazing way to work at night

High contrast extension enables to choose several high-contrast color filters which are specially designed to read the text easily.  It is considered as an ideal extension for the user who needs to browse the Internet at night on regular basis.

Figure 10 shows High contrast extension:

                                                                Figure 10: High Contrast extension


Night Screen Extension: Ideal for user who work at night

Night Screen Extension is an excellent tool which is ideal for working at night. It also provides you the feature to change the screen mode to day or night whenever you surf the Website. This is the only Google Chrome extension which helps you to change the screen theme at your finger step.

Figure 11 shows how night screen extension looks when YouTube website is opened:

                                                                 Figure 11: YouTube at Night Screen Extension

Night Mode Extension: An extension for working at night

Night Mode is another perfect night mode extension which is very effective for those users who have an eye problem. It helps the user to change the contrast as per their requirements. Figure 12 shows Night Mode Extension:

                                                                      Figure 12: Night Mode Extension

Deluminate: Try it once

If you want to invert the brightness of your website and do not want to change the colour then Deluminate extension is best for you. Figure 13 shows Deluminate extension:

                                                                      Figure 13: Deluminate extension

Dark mode/night reader: An awesome extension

Dark mode/night reader is a perfect extension which can invert page colours and shows you white text on dark background. It helps to reduce eye strain. Figure 14 shows how it looks:.

                                                        Figure 14:   Dark mode/night reader extension

Night Mode Tab: A classical extension for working at night

Night Mode Tab extension is another classic Google Chrome extension for working effectively at night that has the capacity to replace the white tab with dark background. Figure 15 shows the looks of Night Mode Tab extension:

                                                                Figure 15: Night mode tab extension

Simple Night Mode: An amazing way to work at night

Simple Night Mode is an amazing extension of Google Chrome which has the capacity of invert the colour of website and can provide less stress on your eyes. Figure 16 shows Simple Night Mode extension:

                                                                  Figure 16: Simple Night Mode extension

Dark Mode: The excellent extension for night work

Dark Mode is an excellent way with the help of which you can turn the screen into dark during the night. It has an ON and OFF switch which will help you to easily switch on the night and day mode. Figure 17 shows how Dark Mode excellent looks:

                                                                          Figure 17: Dark Mode extension

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