4 tips to improve CTR on online videos

The promotional video drives are purchased because they help to create product experience. According to a study by BrightRoll, three out of four advertising agencies believe that digital video is equally or more effective than TV advertising. Therefore, in the United States spending on digital video advertising is increased from 3.218 million to 6.250 million euros in four years, estimates eMarketer.

This is the time in which digital marketing companies should use the video to disseminate the experience and credibility of the product, in turn; the success of the campaign will be related to the number of clicks and views that have digital format.

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 CTR on online videos

To improve the CTR (click through rate) four tips are listed below:

1. Putting the “Call to Action” in the video: There are two ways. One is to include a screen, often at the end or during the video that shows the viewer what to do next. The second option is wherever possible; include an audio of the same nature.

2. Include annotations within the video: These redirect and encourage viewers to see more content. These CTA can be very effective if your channel YouTube is an active center of your marketing communications plan. In addition, the annotations can work against you if your viewers are already in place watching a video embedded with annotations.

3. Not only the video include: Use a template according to the visual style of the brand and add explanatory text-suggests-what will happen in the video. In addition, include some interesting video capture preview mode.

4. Do not forget the YouTube overlay ads: If you have contracted Google Adwords, if you want to include a banner on your page in that particular video you can do it easily. But keep in mind that if you set this option, consider that both the tip # 1 and # 2 must be well adapted to this type of options. Try not to overlap.

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