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Android has been taken over the community and opened up new opportunities for newer things which no one had expected a decade ago, and there is no doubt that the Android OS is the most used OS in the world now. When the Android smartphones came to be, and the smartphones were restricted from what they are capable of, and it is being said that the Rooting a device and installing non-market but awesome apps can take your lower version of a smartphone to it’s prime.

Download TowelRoot Apk Latest Version for Android

Android term is a popular word for everyone as many are using it in their hands, but not many are familiar with the what does the ROOT stand for, rooting is nothing but giving full access to the users from files to directories on the smartphones.

Towelroot Apk Download

The secondary reason behind unrooted smartphones is for the OS (operating system) and the OS is made in such a way, even if there’s an app which might try to gain access more into the system binary files to activate and install suspicious files to steal your data from calendar dates, events and special occasion to camera, download files, photos, media and other downloadable files. Malware looks for such opportunities to leave something behind and spread through the system to damage your smartphone or to steal information.

What’s so special about Towelroot?

So now we get down to TowelRoot which is a Rooting app for Android smartphones, TowelRoots gain unrooted files and exploit it in the kernel of Android, which is entirely based on Linux and is fundamental components of any smartphones. The app makes internal talks between the OS to modified OS and later the hardware will take over.

In other words, you have few advantages when using the TowelRoot to root your smartphones, you don’t need your any knowledge to root your smartphone when you are using TowelRoot, the app has instructions in detailed version so that the user does not have to worry about it especially when he has no knowledge of how to do it.

Many users are using an Android smartphone and want to Root their smartphones to install their desired apps or tweaks, but there are too many root options which make them confusing when the person is doing it for the first time when you are settled down with the old ones.

You can get access to the TowelRoot by downloading the app from the official sites, and you can download the app without any issues because the TowelRoot websites are the official website of the developers, so that you do not have to worry about downloading it from the third-party website.

Still, TowelRoot is Safe?

You are in a position to worry and think about that, and there is no guarantee is that the information given to you is legit because when you are rooting your smartphones, you are also taking a risk from bricking your smartphones to taking your smartphone and sharing your information to the hackers.

This has now become one of the common practices to the hackers to reach the smartphones and PC, you are giving access to the root to your major files in the Android, the root will erase the official Android developers Security and replace them with the rooting app security which is a disaster.

You are handing your smartphones information and sending them to the China-based hackers team, and the chances are high, and it is not possible to figure out which one is the safest one. This rooting has no way to make some money, and there are no ads display or they ask you for money to use the root, so there has to a way that they are trying to gain from.

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You can download the TowelRoot from the official site, and you can download the official version, but there is no guarantee that the file is safe.

How to Download and Install Towelroot Apk for Android:

The point starts from, Go to the official site of the TowelRoot Apk and download the app, then move the files to your smartphone internal memory.

Once you have moved all of the files including APK file into your internal memory, you can go to your settings and look for “Unknown sources” and tap on the option to tick it. Once you are done with that, go back to the app location and fire up the file. It shouldn’t be that difficult from now on as all you need to do is to follow the instructions displayed on the screen after the installation of the app.


There’s always a risk involved in the process, especially when you don’t have enough knowledge on the process and this is your first time doing. You can prevent the damage if you follow certain rules so that when you are in a mess, you can just revert those changes you have made while using the app, which does save you big time.

  • Create a backup before you start the procedure.
  • Back up your files, contacts, and data so that you can have those after the process erased everything on your system.
  • Learn what kinds of risk are involved when you are stuck in between a process.
  • Charge your battery to 90% and do not root when you have less than 50% charge.
  • Always keep your SD card aside and store all necessary files in the SD card for quick access.

Now, folks, you are ready, so buckle up for the rotting process to begin.


It is rare that you put your device at risk, but one wrong move can brick your device so make sure to read the instruction more than twice so that you can avoid those newbies mistakes. Also make sure to read the terms and condition before you proceed because we are not promoting the TowelRoot nor we have tested the app in real time, so you will be responsible for your damages. Your time to come to a decision.

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