Buying And Selling Crypto in Ukraine


On September 8, 2021, a historic event took place in Ukraine. The Verkhovna Rada supported draft law No. 3637 “On virtual assets”. It was developed to regulate the industry of digital currencies, in other words, now, the holders of cryptocurrencies will be able to declare and exchange them legally. Also, this law opens the door for international companies that would like to do business under Ukraine’s jurisdiction.

Shortly about the law:

  • Cryptocurrencies acquire legal status, and market participants will be entitled to judicial protection.
  • International exchanges with virtual assets will be able to operate in Ukraine legally.
  • The Ministry of Finance will be the regulator of the virtual assets market; the National Bank of Ukraine and the National Securities Commission will receive authority in some matters.

That is briefly about the legalization of crypto in Ukraine. Now let’s talk about crypto trading exchanges available in Ukraine.


The most popular platform is WhiteBIT. It is a young company that operates officially under European jurisdiction but was founded by Ukrainians. The company offers a wide selection of trading tools and over 400 crypto pairs. This is probably the most convenient way to buy cryptocurrency in Ukraine because it is as easy and transparent as possible. It charges low fees and even zero fees when working with Monobank cards. Monobank is the WhiteBIT partner. Besides, the platform cooperates with many other well-known Ukrainian companies. Check out the White BIT blog to learn more.

The exchange is focused on providing a high level of safety for users’ funds. It complies with AML and KYC standards. 96% of clients’ investments are stored offline.


This platform also allows depositing funds with bank cards. The service makes buying cryptocurrency in 5 steps. For this, users don’t have to register. The range of assets available to buy in 5 steps is limited to the most popular – Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether. The exchange is straightforward and suitable for beginner traders.


It is the most popular service for buying and selling crypto. Binance has the most significant indicator of a daily trade volume, which means this is the most often used platform. The exchange charges an average fee of 0.1% for spot trading. Binance offers over 500 crypto pairs, the opportunity to deposit with fiat. It also has a comprehensive educational section with charts. The exchange provides a high level of safeguard for its clients.

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