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Kickass Proxy helps you access KAT but some of our readers are not able to access KAT site. If you love to watch movies, listen to music and catch the latest TV series, etc. you have all the valid reasons to miss this most popular website. Unfortunately the original Kickass Torrent website was blocked due to some privacy issues by the Government of the USA.

access KAT website

Well, we won’t be able to help you with the original website but what we can do is help you out with some good Kickass Proxy and Mirror Websites! You can get a list of best websites from where you can download torrent files of Movies, Music, TV series, Games, other softwares, etc. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start experimenting and exploring your KAT alternatives to enjoy your favorite hobbies without any interruptions! You can also try Pirate Bay Proxy.

Proxy Server – What is it?

A proxy server is basically a software running in a specified computer that enacts as an intermediary between a local network of computer systems used in a company and a server from which a service is requested by the client namely internet. The proxy server is generally used to monitor the usage of external resources by the employees of a company. It helps in enhancing security and increase performance. The entire incoming data is made to enter by single port and is forwarded to their destinations by another port. By doing this it is impossible for the hackers to get the internal security details of the company and making it hack free. Proxy Server is helpful in security controls and caching service. In another words they are used to secure user privacy.

An HTTP proxy server blocks web access and SMTP proxy server will be used to block the emails. They can be a part of firewalls. In other words a proxy server connects and responds to traffic receiving from the internet on behalf of the user system.

Why was the reason behind shutdown of original KAT website? Why you need KAT Proxy?

KAT known as Kickass Torrents founded by Artem Vaulim, is a website that provides a directory which included torrent files and links (magnet) which facilitated file sharing.  About a year back KAT was shut down after a criminal investigation conducted by the USA. The founder Artem Vaulim was accused of hosting a huge database for illegal and unauthorized content. An extensive court battle is expected by the Government. Even though the website is shut down but the name still prevails in the market. Many KAT replicas and copies arrived soon after it was shut down. The original website is being missed by many of its regular users. Still, legal risks also persist for the users and many choose to torrent through a uTorrent VPN to ensure their anonymity.

Facing problems in accessing Kickass Torrents? Let me tell you that you are not alone dear friends; there are many others who are facing the similar problems. As we all know that the original Kickass Torrent website was shut down by the government of USA and now the only method to open the website is with the help of KAT proxy or KAT mirror websites. We have listed the best ones for you below!

Mirror Torrent Sites List of KAT Proxy & Working Kickass Proxy

Kickass Torrents are not anymore working; users are always searching for its alternatives in the form of KAT Proxy and KAT Mirror Torrent websites. Though there are a large number of websites labeled as fake and using them can risk personal data leakages. Therefore we have come up with a list of safest websites which you can be assured of before logging in.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, are the top KAT Proxy and Mirror website you  can access in absence of the original KAT.

Kickass Proxy Substitutes

Not a fan of KAT Proxy and Mirror sites? Well we have a solution for this as well! There are large numbers of websites that host torrents for various genres like music, games and movies, etc. You can try them in the KAT alternatives that are available in a plenty of websites.

Get The List of Best KAT alternatives in the market

Here are some fo the best Kickass Proxy alternatives which is working in 2018:

The Pirate Bay: This website is considered as the best alternative to KickassTorrents by the users. It has a huge database of content ranging from movies to games.

ExtraTorrent: ExtraTorrent is another very good website that is very good alternative to KAT proxy. It also contains all the content of different categories list wise.

RARBG: Countries like Denmark, UK, Saudi Arabia, and Portugal have blocked the usage of RARBG in their countries. Yes you read that right! If you can asses this website in your country then go for it! It provides magnet links like KATs and Pirate Bay.

The above listed websites are considered as some of the best alternatives for KAT. You can check the speed and response of each website and can choose the best suited one.

Final Verdict

In this article, we have discussed the history of KAT and the reasons for its discontinuation. We have also listed the websites which can be used as Kickass Proxies and KAT Mirror Websites. To be on a safer side we would recommend you to use VPN network service, even though proxies are known to hide your IP address. A VPN installation is always advised before using a torrent!

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