A Guide on How to Stay Ahead on Word Games Every Time


Playing word games with your friends can be very exciting. However, it can be frustrating to find your competitors beating you, even with having good language skills. It will not be long until you realize that relying on your linguistic knowledge alone will always make you remain behind others playing the game. So, if you want to know how to remain ahead when playing Wordplays, use the tips and tricks provided below for a higher chance of winning.

The Basic Tips and Tricks for Playing Word Games

Scrabble is one of the most popular games that has remained a choice for many decades. When playing the game, there are several options you can use to enable you to get the best word scores and remain ahead of your competitors. 

If you aren’t sure how to unscramble the words on your scrabble game tiles, you can use unscrambler tools available online. Although some people consider them illegal and a way of cheating at the game, they are the best to help you build your vocabulary and have a higher chance of winning word games. The tools use automated robots to help you get millions of possible word creations, providing you with the best words, which you would not have thought about. 

The tools will provide you with different options to help you select the right letters for the play. Using the tools, you’ll be able to use as many tiles as you can and choose the ones that will help you score better, enabling you to stay ahead of your opponents all the time. 

Most people don’t know that they can get 50 extra points by using all seven tiles simultaneously when playing scrabble. Try to find a seven-letter word from your tiles to see if you can get the points. You may even use a word finder to find an appropriate word from the seven tiles. 

Although your tiles can only allow you to construct a word using only two letters, consider the triple-word score trick. The technique will enable you to reduce the chances for your opponent to utilize the opportunity to do it before you. 

One of the worst mistakes you can make when playing a word game is not knowing how to use the high-scoring letters correctly. Some of the letters you can use to score higher include Q, X, J, and Z. If you can use them on the bonus slots such as the double word or the triple letter slots, you can get double – or triple-digit points in one round. Even if you use the letters and don’t get a high score from the word you create, using the spaces will reduce your opponent’s chances of having a higher score.  

When you play scrabble frequently, you’ll learn more tricks from your opponents. The tricks will help you understand the other players’ strategies to know how best to block their chances and use the tricks for your benefit and to win. For example, it would be better to add a word horizontally so that it touches tiles from a word instead of adding it perpendicularly on the tiles already placed on the board. With that, instead of making one word only, you can make two or more words as you collect points from each of them. The other helpful trick that you can use is a bonus tile when the other participating player tricks try to block you from using it.

Keep Practicing to Learn More about the Word Games

For most Wordplays, the best way of practicing is to use all the possible two-letter and three-letter words and use them to form as many words as possible. If you are playing boggle, the two-letter words will significantly benefit you because they’ll help you get a higher score than the other competitors. 

However, instead of feeling confused about whether the two-letter word is a word or not, practice memorizing as many of them as possible to make it easier for you. When playing other word games, you should also try concentrating on words you can create using challenging high-letter scores such as J, Q, X, and Z. You can use the letters to create words or put them on bonus tiles to achieve more points. 

Although most people think that most words starting with Q are followed by the letter U, there are several others you can create using the letter. Other Q-words are qorma, qat, qanat, and qis, which you can create if you don’t have the letter U. 

When playing word games, you’ll realize that having more experience makes it easier to create words using your letters. It’s because you will find similar hints many times when playing the games and the fact that your thoughts start adapting to ways of playing them, solving crossword puzzles, and playing word games. In addition, practice helps the process become easier for you, especially when you gain general knowledge concerning the games.

Don’t Be Afraid to Take Risks

When playing Wordplays, you may sometimes find yourself stuck, without the ability to create any word. If you experience that, don’t be afraid to exchange the tiles and give your turn to your opponent. You may choose to change one or all the seven tiles. However, it would be best to swap all the tiles since you’ll have a higher chance of getting a better variety of tiles. You can use the trick even though it will make you give your competitors a chance to get some points in a score where you gained nothing. 

While it can be exciting to play different word games, you’ll enjoy them more when you know that you have the proper skills to stay ahead of all your competitors. Additionally, you’ll have more fun if you understand the tips and tricks that will help you stay ahead of all your opponents no matter the techniques they use. The best thing about playing word games is that you learn more words as you have fun.

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