Extratorrent Proxy 2018 – Extratorrents Unblocked & Mirror Sites List (100% Working)


Do you love watching movies and downloading them from the Internet? Do you have a favorite series that you want to keep as a memory for yourself? Do you want to watch old cartoons and relive the memories? Well of course you know that there is only one thing that can help you with the same. It is none other than the torrent sites.

The torrent sites have many things in them starting from the latest series that you are watching, or the latest songs that you want to hear. There is no doubt in the fact that these torrent sites help you with an access to all these important files and that too for free.

This is exactly why you must be aware of Extratorrent Torrent site already. The ExtraTorrent Torrent site was definitely one of the best the people can come across with.

It managed to keep people enthralled and surprised with the latest releases to itself. Also the seeds and the peers it offered people will definitely did the trick. Sadly for people it was banned by the government.

The reason why extratorrentwas banned

Fortunately or unfortunately any content that is created by a person belongs to him but despite this, there are high chances that these may get stolen or pirated. For example an amazing movie can earn a lot in the traitors but for the people who could not go to the three days to enjoy the movie would always preferred to download the same for free from these torrent sites.

This is absolutely why the torrent sites offer with the pirated movies as well as series to the people and this unfortunately disturbs the chances of earning better revenue for the people who have created them. This is one reason why the particular torrent sites are considered as illegal.

Extratorrent was responsible for keeping these pirated contents and giving away the same to the people for free. This act was considered absolutely illegal and therefore the government decided to put a ban on it. This is completely the reason why the extratorrent Torrent site was banned without any hindrance at all.

Can the mirror sites be banned by the government?

To understand this you must firstly understand that what a particular mirror site means. A mirror site is a site that can be connected to with the help of internet but definitely is not a original site in itself. It is rather a replica or a mirror in short and can be connected to from the internal service but definitely does not have any physical existence.

There is completely no doubt in the fact that with the help of the best mirror sites people will have no chances of getting caught. Now coming to the question that whether or not a government can Ban the mirror sites of Extratorrent!

Well to start firstly extratorrent has an n number of different mirror as well as proxy sites available to itself. If one particular site among these is stopped as well as shutdown then it doesn’t matter to the site of extratorrent at all. The very next thing to Look upon is the fact that a mirror site cannot be tracked down by the government and therefore the government can never put a ban on the extratorrent mirror sites.

Accessing the extra torrent site without VPN

One of the most important concern is that people may have is the fact that how to get through with the extratorrent site without even using VPN. Everybody have an answer to this, because the solution is more than just simple. There is completely no doubt in the fact that the extratorrent proxy sites are the extratorrent mirror sites are here to the rescue.

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These mirror sites at the exact sites that can be called as replicas. These replicate to the homepage of the original Torrent site for the people.

Of course the process of cloning is brought into action for the same. Unfortunately the need updating regularly and it will only something that will keep them active. And if these are active then the message of extratorrent unblocked will appear on your screen.

In case a particular lake is failing to act then you will definitely need to move on to the next because definitely that link is not active and you.

Unblocking extratorrent through the help of extratorrent proxy sites

There are various proxy sites easily available for Extratorrent. You can without a doubt make use of these and make sure that you are getting through with the Extra Torrent site without any problem at all. Following are few important sites that you can make the best use of:

  • com:

This particular site is available online and is active still. Of course it offers with very fast speed.

  • com:

This is a of course another site that you can make use of because it is extremely fast as well as active.

  • io:

Another very fast site that you can access because it is extremely available now.

  • net:

This is another proxy of extratorrent that people can use because it is extremely fast when it comes to providing an access.

  • ch:

Easily available to the people because it is still active and it is extremely fast because it provides great access to the people.

  • com:

This is one of the best online active as well as fast site that can help you get through with the best results.

These are few of the important sites that you can make the best use of no matter what.


There is completely no doubt in the fact that there are about 200 or more torrent sites that can be found active actively. But then again the site of extratorrent definitely makes it to the best because of the traffic consumption it has. People there for usually turn to it because of the responsive pattern it follows. In order to make sure that one is completely using extratorrent continuously they can simply get through with these proxy sites for the best results.

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