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There have been many messenger apps which provide its users with amazing features of free chat with friends and families. Staying connected has never been so easy because nowadays the smartphones are flooded with so many messenger apps that users are spoilt for choices. Amongst the bevy of messenger apps LINE has reached the number 1 spot because of the huge download made in as many as 52 countries ranging from Japan, India, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Macau and many other countries. This messenger app provides you with the facility of voice calls and that too for free. You can easily download it on your Smartphone but if you want to download LINE for PC, then you have to follow some easy steps and you will be able to enjoy the app on your PC too. Now, after witnessing the huge success of this messenger app even Blackberry has incorporated this and Windows Phone followed the suit too.

Features of LINE for PC or Windows computer

The list of features of this amazing messenger app is long and according to some of the users they are still exploring the features that come with this as they are so many in numbers. The only problem with this is that the same account cannot be used in more than one Smartphone. Here is the list of features for you so that you know what you are getting apart from free calling –

  • You will be notified then and there when the message is delivered in real time
  • You have the option of address book syncing
  • Photos, music and videos can be shared with all your friends online
  • This communication app lets you carry out video calls with excellent sound and picture quality so that you can also make it a part of business calls too
  • Even the international calls come free of cost
  • Stickers and Emoji are present
  • Favorite characters are made available in the sticker shop
  • Timeline feature in this communication app will enable to share your thoughts through movies or pictures or may be stickers without investing a single word
  • You can create groups or join any group, any want
  • Adding friends is also easy as you just have to shake both the phones simultaneously
  • With the help of QR code you can add friends too
  • Whenever you receive any message a window will pop up which will help you to read the message and reply to it very easily
  • Personalized themes make the experience even more pleasurable.

With so many features available it is only natural that people will want to download LINE on PC. Moreover, when you get so much for free then not being a part of this will be stupidity. Nobody wants to miss out on this opportunity so if you have an Android device, then download this and start chatting but if you don’t have any Smartphone then no need to worry as you can now download this app on your PC too.

How to download LINE for PC or Windows (7 / 8 / XP) for free

It is pretty simple and you won’t require any manual to understand how it works. It is easy to download LINE on PC too and that too for free. You don’t require any other software to download it on your PC as the official version is available for PC download. So follow the steps and you will have this wonderful app on your PC as well –

  • You will have to install the communicating app LINE first on your Android device or the iOS device or maybe the tablet that you have been using
  • Now you have to go to the Settings
  • Here you will find E-mail registration and you have to enter your mail id there
  • Once you are done with entering your e-mail id you will be receiving a link
  • You will be able to download LINE on PC with the help of this link

If you do not want to follow this procedure then you can simply visit the official website of LINE and download it from there. Both the procedures are easy therefore you can use any one of them and start enjoying LINE on your PC. Invite all your friends over in this communicating app from all over the world and enjoy free voice call and text messages as much as you want.

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With so many apps making it to the market almost every now and then that users are confused about which one will be the best option for them but when you have the facility of official download LINE on PC then the decision becomes much easier for the users to make.

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