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How to download Voot app for PC?


With the advancement of technology, the communication infrastructure across the globe has developed at an exponential pace. Due to the improved communication infrastructure, the internet speeds across the globe have increased, and hence now people can enjoy online services much comfortably. Back in 2005, when the internet was just reaching customers, the speeds were extremely low. It used to take a few hours to play a YouTube song. But now there is 4G mobile network available, and broadband speeds are much higher compared to the past decade. Due to this improved communication infrastructure, people have now turned towards enjoying movies, TV shows, and music online. The process of viewing movies and TV shows or listening to music online is called media streaming. Due to the increased interest of users in streaming the finest production houses started making online content which includes TV shows and web series.

Among the top streaming services in India, there is a good one named “Voot.” The Voot streaming service is owned by Viacom 18 motion pictures, and it provides free online content for the audience to view. Due to the fast-paced life, the most number of people do not like sitting in front of a TV or computer to watch a movie or TV show. Hence now the media content has become available on smartphones which people carry everywhere. Voot is one of the used streaming services in India, and it also has a special kids section where kids can watch their favorite cartoons.

Why Voot and not some other streaming service?

There are two reasons to answer this question. The first reason is that the Voot app is totally free and one has to pay nothing for viewing any content. There are many other media content streaming providers who charge various amounts for a monthly or yearly subscription. The second reason is that the Indian TV and movie content is available on Voot. Other streaming service providers do not offer Indian media content, and those who offer Indian media content have hefty subscription fees. Due to which the people find Voot as the most favored Indian streaming service. The Voot app is small in size and has impressive data optimization so that while you’re viewing any movie or TV show, your data does not get sucked up. Voot has a minimum number of ads so that the user does not get disturbed while watching his favorite TV show or movie. Additionally, the Voot app’s user interface is extremely simple and intuitive. Hence even a child can operate the Voot app without getting confused. One can also download and store TV shows or movies which can be viewed on the Voot app without enabling data connection. A parent can enable kids zone PIN to prevent kids from accessing other content.

Is Voot app available for PC?

As mentioned earlier, the media streaming apps are designed keeping in mind the smartphones which are pocket-friendly, so NO Voot app is not available for PC. However, if one wishes to install the Voot app on PC, there is a way to do so. Most Android users do not know about emulators. An emulator is a software which can make host machine work like another machine without losing data and files. Many Android emulators are available in the market using which a user can download Voot app on PC. Hence with the use of emulator one can use this known streaming app on the system easily. For those who love to view the content on a large screen, this information can be much useful.

Voot app on PC using Bluestacks Android Emulator

One of the most favored android emulators is Bluestacks. It is preferred over other emulators like droid4x because it can be installed easily and it does not crash repeatedly. So now to install the Voot app on PC one is required to install Bluestacks Android emulator.

One can open any web browser and visit any search engine. The keyword to download Bluestacks emulator is “download Bluestacks android emulator.” Once the user enters this thread, he has to press the search button. Upon hitting the search button, a list of websites is displayed. A user can visit any website of his choice to download Bluestacks android emulator.

Once the webpage opens, the user has to scroll down and find the download package of Bluestacks offline installer. Upon clicking the download package, the web browser will ask the user if he wishes to download the file. The user has to click on yes button for the download to process. Downloading the offline installer for Bluestacks will take some time due to higher file size, so the user has to wait until the file is downloaded. Once the download finishes, the user should click on the colorful logo of Bluestacks. Upon being asked several questions, the user has to click on “Next” button. The last step is to decide the installation path for Bluestacks. A user can change the installation path by clicking on the “Browse” button, but it is not recommended to do so. There is an “Install” button right below the download path dialog box, and the user is supposed to click on it. Upon clicking “Install” the installation will start. Once the installation finishes, the user is asked “Run Bluestacks.” The users must checkmark the box beside “Run Bluestacks” and then click on finish button.

Once the Bluestacks Android emulator opens, the user will be able to see a search icon on the top left corner, and he should click on that. Clicking on the search icon will open a bar where the user must type Voot and hit enter. A list of apps with the same name will appear on hitting search. The user must find the original Voot logo and install that. Happy Viewing.

Summary: To have best streaming experience Voot has got name and fame. Now the availability of the same on the system can help the users get the best of the viewing experience at home or any other convenient place.

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