Free download Droid4x Offline Installer For PC Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP and Mac OS


Back in 2001, every personal computing job was done on a desktop computer with Windows XP operating system. As time passed by innovations took the technology industry by storm and many new devices came into existence. With that, the Computer giants’ Microsoft and Apple released their new OS which was polished and better than before. It was in 2009 when the world first witnessed an Android OS. It was not clear then that the Android will soon hit the smartphone market like a storm and all the companies manufacturing smartphones will adapt to it. By the end of 2011, Android had attracted a huge crowd and all the people wished to buy a smartphone or in the layman term “phone with Android OS.”

For a computer as well as a smartphone the operating system holds great significance, and hence the Android developers have come up with the OS that can offer ease of navigation and surfing to the users on the computers as well.

Why did Android become popular?

Android when initially released got a cold response from the market as the people did not know about it. Later, the people got to know about an OS which can connect them to the internet very easily and in a hassle-free manner. The OS also had a benefit of fast performance people were literally tired of phones that would become slow when few many songs were stored in it. So it was natural that fast performance and internet connectivity would add to the popularity. Apart from that, the developers worked day and night to develop applications and games for Android OS. As of now, the Android app store has 3.3 million apps from which a user can decide what to install and what to remove. People love customization, and so Android OS became open source. One can customize it the way he likes and whenever possible. Everything was on the palm with ready customization options and a BIG screen. When the big screen phones were initially launched by several companies, the people were going gaga about it. With time popular smartphone companies understood that customers want a huge screen and hence the big screen phones came into occurrence. Android’s customization and a big screen were everything people needed, and then the people using Android-based smartphones increased exponentially. At present, Android OS holds the highest market share in smartphone market.

Android OS in a laptop. Is it possible?

Yes, there are options now available using which one can run Android OS on the laptop. The facility popularly known as an “emulator” makes it possible for the user to run Android OS on a laptop. The software which enables one computer system to work like another computer system is called an emulator. Using it, the host computer can run the software, tools and peripheral devices designed for a guest system. So here the concept is running Android on a Windows-based laptop without removing Windows (i.e., a simultaneous operation).

How to run Android OS in a laptop?

Due to the increasing popularity of Android OS developers sorted a way to run Android in Windows or Mac OS based laptops. The resulting emulator was called droid4x emulator. To download droid4x emulator, one can open any web browser and open any popular search engine. When the search engine opens, one should enter “droid4x offline installer” as the keyword and hit enter. The search result will display the list of links which will direct the user to download droid4x. There are many websites available from which one can download droid4x, but it is to be noted that the software shall be download from the top results only. Search engines rank the websites by checking if the content is authentic and hence the top results are most reliable. On clicking upon clicking, it will direct the user to a website where one can find the downloading package of the droid4x installer.

Why droid4x and not some other emulator?

The droid4x android emulator is the most recent one and hence it has all the necessary updates so a user will not be tired of using it. Droid4x permits the user to play with the keyboard, and a user has the liberty to configure keyboard upon his will. The best part is that one can use a joystick to play Android games on the PC. Besides that, the android emulator can be controlled by the personal smartphone (Android or iOS device). Additionally, a user can take the screenshot of the screen, and it can be shared on social media platforms.

Droid4x offline installer comes with all set of files that has to be installed on the computer for successful operation of the software. With a complete set of files, there are very fewer chances to run into an installation error.

How to install the droid4x installer?

When the website opens one needs to find the option reading “droid4x offline installer”. Click on that option, and setup of size 230 MB will start downloading. When the download is completed, there will be two files a “” file and a colorful icon reading “setup.” The user must click on “Setup” icon, and a dialogue box will appear with a destination folder path right below that will be an “Install” option. Once the install button is clicked, a dialog box will appear with a green bar. After the green bar reaches extreme right, another option will appear asking if you wish to run droid4x. Keep the run droid4x checked and click on “Finish” button. After clicking the finish option, Droid4x emulator will open on your windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP and Mac OS based computer.


Those who want to use the apps of Android on the system, needs to get this operating system which can help to use the apps which are exclusively designed for Android available on a smartphone only. It can prove helpful to one who uses the apps, but the smartphone is not available at the very same moment.

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