Airtel 4G Data Plans (Latest Offers) for Prepaid and Postpaid Customer


What is the service that you use for your mobile phone? Is your mobile service provider not serving you well? Are you not being able to connect over the phone in a hassle-free manner? This is the major problem with most of the service providers of mobile phones. You do not easily get the internet connection. Sometimes you cannot get proper connection to talk to your friend. Or, you get disgusted when your phone gets disconnected while you are talking over the phone.

Airtel 4G Data Plans and Offers

Stop using any other services and welcome the Airtel 4G. It is been long time that Airtel has been satisfying its customers with a variety of packages and offers. Being one of the best service providers in India, Airtel has recently launched their 4G scheme across the globe. It is the fourth generation of communication accessible to 296 towns in the whole country and even abroad. Everyone can use their 4G scheme. What makes 4G so popular is its high speed net pack. Also, the 4G services are offered at a rate of 3G, that is, the package starts from Rs. 25. Besides, you are benefitted with calling for unlimited number of hours and facilitates in few movies or music apps.

A basic limitation of the Airtel 4G sim is that you can only use the 4G sim in a phone that supports the services of 4G. It is best to be used in an android phone. Else, you will never be able to enjoy its internet packs, voice calls and the like. Besides, you can use an Airtel 4G sim in the Airtel router and Airtel dongle. Check out the latest offers of Airtel 4G both for postpaid and prepaid functions.

Latest Airtel 4G Postpaid Offers

Airtel 4G postpaid system offers services in 5 values. With each value, the facilities differ. The more is the amount you are willing to pay, the more will you be able to enjoy the facilities. Let us take a look at the offers in postpaid system of payment.

  • 1199 – You can call for unlimited hours both local and STD. in case of roaming, the calls will be considered free of cost. A data of 90 GB would be offered each month.
  • 799 – In this offer too, you get a facility of speaking for unlimited hours over the phone to any network. Roaming is free in any part of India. As per data is concerned, you get 60 GB for a month.
  • 649 – Enjoy the possibility of unlimited local and STD calls. Again, roaming is free for this package like the above two. Added to this, you get 50 GB data which will be rolled over to the next charge if not used.
  • 499 – Further, this is another chance of free calling to all networks. Roaming is again a free business in this package. Lastly, a data pack of 40 GB can be availed with the facility of rolling over.
  • 399 – In this package, you cannot add new connections but the rest of the factors are the same as above. Lastly, the data package is of 20 GB for a month.

Latest Airtel 4G Data Plans for Prepaid

If you want to work with 4G data by paying the price of 3G, you can do that too. If you compare Airtel packs with that of Jio, no matter what, Airtel will always steal the show. Let’s check out its prepaid plans.

  • 509 – This plan is valid for a period of 90 days; free incoming and outgoing calls both in roaming and normal conditions; 4G data can be used for 1.4 GB per day.
  • 499 – Use pack for 82 days; free incoming and outgoing roaming as well as normal calls; enjoy 2GB data for a period of 82 days.
  • 448 – This is an 82-day pack; with free incoming and outgoing calls both for roaming as well as local; 1.4 GB data per day.
  • 249 – Charge this package and enjoy a data facility of 2GB for a period of 28 days.

Process to get Airtel 4G Mobile Data

In order to avail the perks of Airtel 4G, you definitely need a device that supports 4G sim card. Without a 4G device, a 4G sim is equivalent to a dead body. Getting a 4G sim is nothing difficult. You can get it from any Airtel store. Or, if you are extremely busy, make order online in the official page of Airtel. It will be delivered at your door. You are free to choose the plans.

Airtel 4G Free Sim

Good news for all the Airtel users! Now you can upgrade your Airtel sim for free. You need to apply online to upgrade. Once you apply, you will deliver the upgraded sim as soon as possible at your doorstep. Click on the ‘request for the sim’ option and follow the steps as given in the web portal of Airtel.

Best Selling Plans for Broadband

There are four plans on broadband service. The values of the four of them are upon Rs. 899, Rs. 1099, Rs. 1299 and Rs. 2199. Follow the chart to get a detailed understanding:

BENEFITS RS. 899 RS. 1099 RS. 1299 RS. 2199
Local+STD Calls Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Data 150 GB 250 GB 350 GB 1200 GB
Data Roll Over Yes Yes Yes

Airtel Offers on 4G Data

  • Besides the common 4G data plans, you get subscribed to Amazon Prime.
  • The video will be streamed without any interruption. Images and documents will be downloaded within the blink of an eye.
  • Listen to music for free in Wynk music app. Also, you get to watch five movies for free each month for the next six months. The movies are to be shown by the channel of Eros Now with HD quality.
  • Also, get access to the app of Wynk Movies for free with the help of Airtel’s upgraded 4G sim card.

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