How To Install Kodi On Chrome Cast


Are you in search of a good alternative of home entertainment?

Many of us are into such for long time. But have failed to get the perfect one. When the entertainment industry is being hyped with the various streaming services, some software exists to manage your media.

Eager to know about such software?

What is kodi and process to run kodi chrome cast easily?

Very popularly, Kodi is open source software which manages the various entertainment sources. Have you heard about the Xbox media centre? It was launched in the year 2002 and was better known as Xbox media player. Now what is its connection with the kodi?

Well that is the old version of the Kodi and now is very much popular. In 2014 XBMC renamed it as kodi and get a new phase of popularity. It is known to manage the collection of the movies, television shows, music and photos. Though a slowly paced popularity, yet this has been useful for many.

The special features of Kodi are as follows:

  1. Give access to all kind of content like videos and music
  2. Can be run through any device like TV, laptop, mobile, tablets and etc
  3. Not only give access but can also store the content
  4. Smart playlist with the tagging facility
  5. Kodi can work with both local and network storages already in use.
  6. Kodi is comfortable in running in Android, Linux, IOS, macOS, Windows.
  7. Kodi can also run on television in set top boxes.

So what else do you want more from Kodi?

How Android device helps to install kodi on chrome cast?

Kodi comes with a help that would guide you to set up. TOM’s guide is given which is tool to guide you find the right set up process too.

Only one challenge with the Kodi is that the set up with the iOS is not a simple one. One  may require a jail broken Iphone or ipad.

Let’s now come to the streaming of the kodi. We will discuss how it is being set up in your Google Chrome cast.

Two processes can be followed to get the kodi running on your Google chrome cast.

One of the processes is a long way but quite dominant and the other one is short but highly powerful on the battery.

Very Easy but longer method to use Kodi on Chromecast

The long process is only possible through Android devices. It is not possible to be done by the iOs .

For the long process follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. Open any file manager apps like the ES file explorer, kodi, Local Cast and XML File: PlayFactoryCore.
  2. Open the settings>display setting in the ES file explorer. Also make sure that the “show hidden files” are clicked.
  3. Make sure that the Kodi media center is connected to the kodi app.
  4. Then open the download folder in the ES file explorer
  5. Find the playerFactoryCore.xml in the files where the downloaded files are saved.
  6. Copy it and navigate to the Android Data. Then look out for the org.xbmc.kodi or org.xbmx.xbmc. normaly kodi will be in the org.xbmc.kodi.
  7. Opening it click on the files.kodi
  8. Open kodi and then click the video file that you desire to watch
  9. The LocalCast will get automatically launched by Kodi. But android may ask you about it. So play it yes.
  10. On getting the prompt “play” and device selection, click the play and start with the Chrome cast connected TV.

Battery intensive quicker method for Kodi Chromecast

The shorter but the battery consuming way is here now:

  1. Open the app chrome cast on your android device
  2. Select cast screen/audio option from the menu and follow the prompted instruction
  3. Now open the kodi app
  4. Search for the desired video and play it
  5. Now it will be played over both devices.

But while the movie is playing no calls or no other operation can be done.

Steps to install Kodi on Chromecast with a computer?

To have it form the computer, follow these steps:

  1. Be sure that the chrome, chrome cast and the kodi client is installed on the computer. If you are not having them download it.
  2. Install the chrome and the chrome cast extension.
  3. Open the chrome and the select the cast option.
  4. Now get a dropdown with the option: “cast this tab to..” click and select the right option.
  5. Once you are done with it now the entire desktop is streaming with your computer
  6. Now open kodi and watch the video you like to.

Are you having an android TV?

Let’s guide you to use the Kodi here too:

Its very easy and is just a three step process:

  1. Download the kodi app on the android TV
  2. Configure it so that you can see the content which were stored on the network
  3. You are done now. Start watching what you like to.

There is no other such an easy way to get kodi on the android TV.

People Also Look For 

Looking for kodi alternatives? Well there are many of them. But here we tell you about just 5 of them which are considered best to match Kodi.

  1. One of the best alternatives for the kodi media player is the plex. It has both the free and the paid version. Locally stored device can be accessed on more than one device too. this is also having a great collection of channels
  2. Emby is another alternative but having some distinct features. The folder sync and the cloud sync can be enjoyed in emby. This a must try alternative to the kodi
  3. Stremio ensures that you get the video in the high quality mode. Personal libraby can also be created in this. But you have to create an account with the stremio. But that is dam easy to create.
  4. Media portal is another one which is full of features. This also helps you get the schedule and record the live TV. It is also having a collection of plug-ins.
  5. Terrarium TV is the right alternative to kodi for android users. This allows you to stream watch and download all the favorite shows.

So now get whichever you want to and enjoy the movies, videos or music.

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