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If you’re one of those movie freaks who days ends only after watching a movie or Tv show, then Rainierland could be a lifesaver for you. Rainierland is been around for years now and has managed to provide free quality movie streamings services to users. There’s absolutely nothing wrong in saying Rainierland is the best streaming site, however, there are tons of reasons which might trigger your mind and you may end looking for sites like Rainierland. For example, the annoying advertisements that pop up for every 10 seconds can frustrate anyone. That’s probably the main why many people have started searching for Top 8 Sites like Rainierland to watch free movies.

Top 8 Sites Like RainierLand

  1. MyDownloadTube: MyDownloadTube is our first pick on this list of best alternatives of Rainierland. The reason we picked MyDownloadTube as our first choice is because of it’s stylish and minimalistic interface that manages to catch everyone’s attention. The site not only provides free movie streaming but also popular Tv shows for free of cost. Just like other sites, MyDownloadTube also relies on the advertisements revenue to survive in the market.
  2. MoviesCo: MoviesCo is not exactly known as an alternative site of Rainierland. But, due to similar services, you can consider it as an alternative and give it a try. The site mainly focuses on providing popular movies to users, with little to no focus on Tv shows. If you’re someone who’s only interested in watching movies in good resolution, then MoviesCo is your ideal option. The Site also provides various options to change the resolutions of the video at any time during the stream. You can also search for custom subtitles and add it your stream.
  3. Yes Movie: I guess most of you might have heard about Yes Movie site, It’s actually a popular place that’s been around for months and known for having extensive collections of movies that include all type of genres. Yes Movie could be your best option if you’re someone who doesn’t stick to a particular genre and loves watching all type of movies regardless of the genre. There’s no shortage of movies on the site, you will daily find new movie releases on the site to watch for free of cost.
  4. Vumoo: Vummo is also a good option to consider when searching for alternatives of Rainierland site. Vummo features a smooth and unique interface that provides top-notch streaming expereince just like any other premium streaming platform such as Netflix. You will definitely get the feeling of a premium service when you’re on the Vummo site due to its feature-rich interface. What’s even more interesting is that you can also download movies or Tv shows with just one click from Vummo and watch them later when you’re not connected to the internet. As of now, Vummo is one of those quality sites that offer both streaming and downloading services for free.
  5. Niter: Here’s another site that gives you the feeling of using Netflix, but, unlike Netflix, Niter doesn’t charge any fees or monthly payment. You’re welcome to watch as many movies as you want without having to worry about any kind of charges. It’s all free and will always be. But, make sure you register an account with Niter in order to get access to their free services. Once your account is successfully verified and activated, you will be able to watch any movie or Tv show for free cost and that too in high resolution. The main revenue for Niter comes from advertisemetns, so you will have to adjust wiht advertismetns that randomly pops up during streams.
  6. PutLocker: PutLocker is a quick option for those who do not wish to go through all the hectic registration process in order to stream movies. PutLocker lets you watch your desired movies as soon as you land on their site, just select your genre or category and look up to your desired movie. Once you’ve decided what move you want to watch, just click on “Start’ to begin the stream. It’s that simple and fast, all you would need is a good internet connectivity to access the site and a smartphone or computer. That’s pretty much it!
  7. FMovie: FMovie is known for providing movies in multiple languages and from multiple countries. It doesn’t put any geographical restriction and limitations like other sites. You can go straight up to the site and start whatever movie you want without worrying about any charges. But, yeah, there’s a chance that you might face issue while accessing the site due to your ISP, but they’ve got an extension which would fix all the issues. You will find all the options stacked up on the homepage itself in an organized manner. In fact, it actually helps you in finding your desired movies faster. Make sure to give it a shot.
  8. Geeker: Geeker is another reliable alternative to Rainierland site for watching free movies and Tv shows. Geeker is not only known for providing movies, but also music and songs. You can stream any movie or song for free, or directly download it on your device if you’re running low on the data. The site may not provide you with the highest possible quality streaming, but it’s watchable apparently if you ask me. Geeker is an ideal option for folks out there having a low internet connectivity at their place. The good thing about Geeker is that they don’t spam you with adverts all the time, even though it could annoying sometimes. But, that’s the best you can get for free as of now.


Before wrapping the article, let me clear out the point that the intention of this article is not to discourage or defame Rainierland. It’s still one of the best sites for watching movies, however, there are some other alternatives as well that excel in providing the best movie streaming experience to the users for free of cost. Make sure you check all the mentioned sites and let us know which one you like.

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