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How to download Flipkart app for PC?


Since last few years, a trend has developed in the youth across the globe, ONLINE SHOPPING. Thanks to the easy availability of the internet that people can shop online now. Earlier, it would happen that a customer wishes to buy a particular item and he visits the market to find and buy the product. Apparently, the customer finds that the product is not available in any store or wherever the product is available it is expensive, so the customer has to cancel the plan of buying that particular product. But now it has changed, whenever a customer wishes to purchase any item, he can directly open an e-commerce application and order the item. It is quick, easy and worthy. One such e-commerce platform in India is Flipkart. Since the company began working Flipkart has delivered happiness to the customers. Flipkart has earned the trust of Indian customers due to its fast delivery across the country and various offers which are regularly announced for the benefit of customers.

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The site, as well as app of the Flipkart, is designed in a user-friendly way that can help the buyers get the view of the products easily. One can also use the filter option to get the desired product with accurate features or configuration. Hence it offers ease of accessing the products as desired by the potential buyers and if the store does not have the concerned product one can easily note it.

Why Flipkart and not some other e-commerce web site?

Flipkart is fast, Flipkart is fastest in every aspect. Let us understand what does that mean. Try opening some other e-commerce app. What happens? The app usually takes time to load, and by that time the customer will lose interest because maybe he has some work to do. Now if the same customer tries opening Flipkart, what happens? As soon as the app opens, all the products and pages open at ultra-fast speed. There is also no need to wait for the app to stabilize, a customer can look and find the products right away. Then there is the ordering a product aspect. Loved a product? Wishing to buy it? Just click on place order, and your postal details are right there waiting for your approval to submit. Once the customer hits the submit button, there is an option of payment. The payments system is pretty fast and takes no time to finish. Once the order is successfully placed the product, the product reaches the customer before the estimated delivery date. Isn’t that just wonderful? Truly fast in every aspect and that is Flipkart. Considering that a customer is having some issue with the product or the delivery and he calls the customer care. Even the response of customer care is amazing, and the complaints are solved in no time. Yes, due to all these reasons customers prefer Flipkart over all the other e-commerce websites.

Is Flipkart app available for PC? If not can I use an Android app on PC?

No, the Flipkart app is not available for PC. On the computers, one is required to visit Flipkart website to surf through the products and for other information. So why does a customer wish to have Flipkart’s android application? Sometimes some deals are exclusive to the application, and the website users cannot take that deal, so customer like to have an android application of Flipkart app on PC. So yes, one can use an android app on PC but with some tweaks. Native Windows OS does not support application, and so an android emulator has to be installed for using Flipkart application on PC. There are many android emulators available on the internet, but the most popular one is Bluestacks android emulator.

Bluestacks android emulator can be found on the internet very easily. One has just to open a web browser and then open a search engine. Once the search engine website opens, the user has to insert the keyword “Bluestacks offline installer.” Upon hitting the search button, the result list will appear. A user can open any web link according to his choice. Once the website finishes loading, the user has to scroll down and find “Bluestacks offline installer” link. Once the link is clicked, the browser will ask if the user wishes to download the file. On hitting yes button the download of setup will start. Once the download is completed the user is supposed to click on the file.

The file downloaded has “.exe” extension, so when the user clicks on it, a dialog box will appear asking if the user wishes to install the “Bluestacks Emulator” program. The user has to hit yes button, and a dialog box will appear the user has to keep on pressing “Next” until the destination dialog box appears. If the user wishes to change the install destination, he can change it by clicking on the “Browse” button. Upon finalizing the destination of installation, the user has to hit the “install” button. After hitting the install button, the program will start installing. Once the installation is completed, the system will ask if the user wants to start Bluestacks emulator. The user has to select the checkbox beside “Run Bluestack” and hit the “Finish” button. Once the “Finish” button is pressed, it will take some time to load the Bluestacks emulator.

When the emulator has finished loading, the user can find the “Search” icon in the top left corner of the screen. Upon clicking the search icon, a bar will open where the user has to enter “Flipkart” and hit enter. A list of apps will be displayed, and the user has to install the authentic Flipkart app. Once the app is installed, the user can log in to the app with email ID and password to enjoy the shopping experience on the computer.

Summary: In the area of online shopping the brand Flipkart has got a current position with the help of an effective site and app only. One can check the app on the Google play store for iOS as well as Android.

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