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How to download PayTm App for PC/Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 Laptop


If you are an Indian residing in any Indian state, you must know a brand called PayTM. PayTM is an Indian wallet facility which started as a website for recharging mobile phone and paying utility bills. With time digital transactions took over and PayTM entered the mobile wallet market. PayTM is among the most famous mobile wallet brands in India. PayTM is instant and reliable with ease of access as one can download it from Play Store or App Store or by directly visiting the company website. As India is moving forward to becoming a cashless economy, the trend of mobile wallets has gained pace, and as a result, there has been exponential growth in the use of mobile wallets. The most known mobile wallet in India is PayTM. Last year, PayTM also launched PayTM Payments bank which does all the operations online, so the customer is not required to visit the bank.

Though the app is much famous among the smartphone users, people were much confused when it comes to using the same on a system. With the help of the emulator one can easily get the app on the system and use it as and when needed.

Why PayTM PC?

Many times it happens that a customer does not have a smartphone with him and that is why a customer cannot do a mobile transaction or do payments which are important. In such cases PayTM cannot be accessed and besides that, some facilities that are available on the app are not available, so a user has to have PayTM android app on PC. PayTM app is not really available for PC, but with some tweaks, PayTM Android app can be downloaded and used on PC.

How to get PayTM android app on PC?

For using PayTM’s Android app on Windows or Mac OS based PC one needs an Android emulator tool. An emulator tool has the capability to run a computer system like another one which can use tools and software for the new OS. There are varieties of emulators available on the internet using which one can use to run PayTM android app on PC. One of the best emulators available on the internet is droid4x emulator which can handle apps very well. Apart from droid4x, the other emulator is Bluestacks emulators which are among the most commonly used emulators among Indian crowd.

Bluestacks Vs. Droid4x emulator: Which one is better?

To compare the pros and cons of Bluestacks and Droid4x, we will proceed with the Bluestacks emulator. The first benefit of Bluestacks emulator is it is easy to install and provides decent performance. The built-in search option in Bluestacks helps a user to quickly search and install an app. Additionally, the Bluestacks emulator when installed creates important shortcuts on the desktop itself. A user can directly click on the shortcut on the desktop and open the app directly in Bluestacks. Bluestacks has the ability to run on multiple instances with different Google accounts. Using Bluestacks one can transfer files between host windows computer and Bluestacks, this process is done by using shared folders. Bluestacks does not require any kind of registration to start using just log in with your Google account. In addition to all this, Bluestacks is designed with keeping gaming in mind.

Next up is a droid4x emulator, the first advantage is that it can smoothly run two operating systems. In the droid4x emulator, a user can install the app in 3 ways by drag and drop to install, by using play store or by directly clicking on the apk file. The GPS simulation on droid4x is far better than Bluestacks. Additionally, droid4x supports joystick to play games, and it also allows the user to configure keyboard. Droid4x has smooth integration with Windows; one can switch between Windows and Droid4x easily. The graphics of droid4x are exceptional.

So we can see that Bluestacks has impressive results, but it lags a lot while droid4x is just available for Windows.

Install PayTM android on PC using Bluestacks

Bluestacks android emulator has to be downloaded to run PayTM app on pc. One can download Bluestacks from the internet by searching it on a search engine. Once the user visits the website, he has to find Bluestacks offline installer. After locating the file, the user has to click upon it after which the file will start downloading. After the downloading ends, a user has to click on “Setup” and keep clicking on “Next” button until a dialog box with destination folder appears. If a user wishes to change the install location of Bluestacks, he can do it by clicking on the browse button. Once the installation folder is decided, the customer must click “install” button. After the install button is hit, the installation will start. Once the installation of Bluestacks is completed there will be a dialog box which asks if the user wants to run Bluestacks. The user must check “Run Bluestacks” button and click on finish button.

If the Bluestacks emulator does not work, the user must reinstall the program and try again. Without Bluestacks installer installation of PayTM will not be possible.

Installing PayTM with the help of Bluestacks emulator

Once the Bluestacks is installed, the user must check that it is running successfully. There is a search icon in the emulator clicking upon which a blank space will appear where the user has to enter the search term “PayTM.” Upon hitting the search button, the list of names with PayTM will be available. The user must find and install the authentic PayTM app by clicking upon the install button. Hence it can be known that installing PayTM with Bluestacks emulator will help the user run the PayTM app on PC.

Summary: This information can prove much helpful to those who want to use the PayTM app on the system. With the help of the emulator, one can use the same app in the same manner on the system also as he was using it on android phone.

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