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Social Media Marketing–The Whys & Whats!


Social media is the new in thing – whatever you do and even whatever you don’t do – you’re likely to update it on your social media profiles. Every social media site has its own specifications and features to attract you towards it and even though there’s a high chance of you having the same people on all your social media accounts – you would go on to update every single one of them as frequent as possible. A common example can be that of Twitter and Facebook in comparison. While Twitter supports short – to the point statements or ‘updates’ and most of your settings are public; advertise on facebook lets you decide on your word count and albums with as many pictures as you want yourself – just as it lets you take fully to hold your privacy settings (or so you believe?). Even the celebrities handle their Twitter accounts themselves in comparison to Facebook where the fans or PR companies do most of the publicity or handling.

While you’re scrolling up down your Instagram feed and stalking your crush or exon whatever social site – the ads you see along the way are marketing themselves to you in a way that you might feel the urge to click and visit their particular sites. This technique is called Social Media Marketing and it comes under the umbrella term of digital marketing.

What is Social Media Marketing?

This marketing technique involves the process of maximization of traffic and public attention towards your product with the help of social media sites. Social media is so common that sometimes if you really know how to tap into your audience’s mind you don’t even require experts for the job. Anyone can market their brand on it – mostly because it’s free – and easy.

Now you must be thinking that why would professionals look into social media for pumping up their product’s sale or desire. Why on earth would a search marketer or google algorithms or search engines care about it? That’s because all of it is closely related.

For instance, a strong presence on the social media makes the google algorithms think of your website’s authority as excellent – it also adds to the trust factor which further promotes your own site’s SERP presence. In turn, promoting your company and products. Social media is so active that we hear a news faster on social media than on an actual news channel. This is because of the so many social media users who tend to put up new and unique content every now and then for their own publicity on their accounts (which also boosts up the social media sites’ authority and public reputation). You are more likely to discover something new on social media than on the Discovery channel itself. Ironic, no? A leading point could be the cultural diversity that exists on it.

Thus, social media can benefit in building links as well as backlinks that as a result support SEO. Can you see a connection between Search Engine Optimization and Social Media? Think it through and you will. SEO promotes;

  • Quality Content
  • Website Authority
  • Trust Reviews

Know what social media promotes most? The very same thing! Bingo, you got that right.

Everyone searches the social media sites to find content on various things – the content search might vary from a dentist’s clinic to the top-notch restaurants all around the world. Social media is literally a global phenomenon happening every second.

Social Media & Marketing

There are many social media marketing lands and sites which can literally turn the fate of a brand within hours. Here’s a list of some of the most famous ones, in case you missed out at any!

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Linkedin
  • YouTube
  • SnapChat
  • Tumblr
  • DeviantArt
  • QZone
  • Google+
  • VKontakte
  • Pinterest
  • StumbleUpon
  • The Dots
  • SkyRock
  • Care2
  • Vine
  • Viadeo
  • Xing
  • Tout
  • Quora

Instant Gratification – The Social Media Tool!

The reason social media marketing works a lot better is it being a tool for instant gratification. Whatever you desire to know about or see or stalk – is at tips of your fingers. All you need to do is think and bam – it’s there for you. This is one of the core reasons that so many companies target social media as a platform for marketing their products – people can always order online if they want to save themselves the trouble of having to get out of bed even (at times – we have all been there admit it!)

Online shops and e-commerce is gaining more and more attention with each passing day for two reasons;

o    We’re procrastinators

o    We’ve busy schedules

Thus, instant gratification is the way to be in modern day life. Heck, that’s the reason Netflix is liked by so many – they release a whole season in one go – people do not have to bite their nails off for a whole week to see if Jake Peralta weds Amy Santiago or not, get it?

(If you haven’t watched Brooklyn nine-nine, you won’t get the reference. And umm…if you haven’t then what are you even doing!? Gahhhhhhh)


At the end, I hope you found this piece of writing helpful. If you’re thinking of doing some social media marketing of your own than a little tip for you to keep in mind is to not fall prey to the number of likes or followers as a success point – keep a check on your social metrics to have a good knowledge of how much of your goals are actually achieved and how much more effort you need to put in to keep going. Instead of starting off without a plan – it’s best to have a written list of what you want to achieve and key points to keep yourself from deviating the path. According to some statistics, people with defined and written goals are likely to be 30 times more successful than those who don’t.

The picture shows the percentage of people who actually succeed and the reason they do.

Author Bio: Nathan John is a well-known content editor at He contributes for various online communities and writes about technology, entertainment and business.

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