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Advantage of Social Networking

So much is said regarding Social Media, its various uses, benefits and Social Networks. “The social networks are a group of people connected by one or more types of social relations such as friendship, kinship, colleagues, common interests or business”.

The networks offer many advantages over e-mail, chat, forums, due to its astonishing nature, personal, simplicity in interfaces. The most common Social Network are: Twitter, Facebook, LikedIn, Sonic, Space, Hi5, Badoo, Google+ and others.

 Social Networking

Four Benefits that emerges from the use of Social Networks

1. I used the social networks as a socializing agent

The main advantage of Social Media is that it allows socializing with friends either current, past or new friends. It creates a community of contacts, establishing rules for individuals who are slowly learning to interact.

There is a large community within each network, to which all are invited to participate, but with the condition to adapt to the rules, so it is important to establish standards on Social Networks.

Users of social networks become members of a small virtual company, where they interact with other special purpose they wish, friends, professional contacts and exchanges of views.

2. Use social media to recruit anyone

Finding work is a very common concern in the world, from the rise of the Internet, to the way in which companies hire staff has changed dramatically through the use of social networks in the process of application, selection, and hiring poll, completely evolving the traditional way.

Many companies have social profiles which advertise job openings, receive curriculum and even conduct interviews through Social Networks like Skype.

A social network that focuses on this category is LikedIn, people who are interested in seeking employment; this is an excellent choice, as for businesses and large corporations is an extraordinary network for staff recruitment.

3. Make Your Business on Social Networks

This category has similarity to the above with the difference that it is not about getting a job or recruiting anyone, because it is supposed to and the person has a physical or virtual business or a website you want to improve.

The idea is not only to advertise, attract new customers or consumers, but also create a link and get users to engage with the brand, gain valuable information from the public as criticisms or observations of service provided or product, to help improve and correct the errors. It helps to strengthen the relationship with customers and consumers.

The appeal of this for businesses is that they can interact directly with your customers, enhance your brand of free form, since being in Social Networks generates no charge. This does not mean it’s easy, much less fast, this requires time, dedication and effort. For a small business that wants to get noticed, the Social Media is ideal.

The advantage of Social Media for business is bidirectional, as it not only benefits the company, but it also consumers, receiving offers, a personalized solutions to the problems that present you with the product or service.

4. Stay Informed through Social Networks

The social networks are not focused on obtaining information, but despite this, one of its benefits is relevant and updated information through Web sites, blogs and contacts.

In Social Networks is information, from trivial matters, social events, the birthday of a friend among others, to the most relevant information on topics relevant publications, news, events and happenings today or in the country or the world.

Through the Social Networks can capture first-hand information, which means a great advantage, because the reader is facing the source, therefore the results are better and you can expand the information immediately.

In conclusion there are many benefits offered by Social Networks, which we fed information in a more social, personal and direct without limitation of time and space.

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