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Another Way to Share Moving Image and Social Networks

The digital world moves at amazing speeds. Every day we read in the press about news and trends in the technological world and social media certainly lead this progress. For better or worse in seconds we are connected anywhere on the globe.

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Just as the characters have spent years allowing emails across borders, another major element is the mass dissemination of images via the web. However, users need to be even closer. Their demand is to share experiences of an increasingly organic and what better way than to get moving pictures? We may face one of the reasons that has led to platforms like YouTube to become true corporate giants.

Social networks, which are already part of our daily lives, they could not stay out of this and the clearest example came. The application was created for mobile operating systems iOS and Android and allows users to share videos six seconds long.

Recently the popular social network Instagram, owned by Facebook and for the publication of images in the style of “Lomographic”, has also added the ability to record and share videos. But what are the differences and similarities between the two applications?

Facing six seconds of Vine, the duration of videos Instagram is fifteen seconds. Also in the latter the user can include the effects and filters created for photographs of the application. Both allow splice multiple clips captured and shared on other social networks final video. Among the advantages of Vine is automatically playback the timeline of Twitter and reproduction cycle, which greatly increases the creative possibilities of the video.

As if this were not enough, recently appeared on the scene Qwiki, is the video application acquired by Yahoo gives another possibility, the bands adding to clips who gives more?

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