OLA Cabs Referral Code (AAK7W1U) for New User


Who wants to get stuck in the traffic when one is on his way to the office! Besides taking the public transport, what do you do? Preferably, you hire OLA cabs. None can satisfy you more than the OLA cab drivers. They pick you up on time as well as reach you to the perfect destination maintaining the right time. OLAs have been like the daily bread and butter for the regular passengers.

Recently, the OLA cab app has launched their series of referral codes for the usage of new customers. Are you new to the OLA world? If so, avail their codes in the referral coupons and enjoy their perks. New users, please pay attention. Use this new code referral of the OLA cabs and get your first ride in the OLA absolutely free! Sounds great right? Using the OLA cab app service for the first will get you through a free ride up to Rs.200. In order to enjoy this facility, make sure that you download the OLA cab app in your android or iPhone devices.

Taking into consideration all the cab services, OLA is by far the best cab service that India has offered to all its daily passengers. Its high quality services and a good number of OLA cabs make it easier for them to serve you on the right time and at the right place. Coming to the pocket pinch, OLA cabs are really cheap and can be easily afforded. Also, when you keep on getting discounts one after the other, who does not want to use its services! This piece of article will provide you the OLA referral coupon codes for their new users.

OLA cabs Referral Code for New Users

Do you want to know presently what is the offer that OLA cab is offering to its new customers? Yes, here you go. For each referral, OLAs are providing an amount of Rs. 200 provided that the user books the cab with the help of OLA cab app through their mobiles. All the users make sure that you are new to the OLA world and use this referral code only while signing in. Using this code later is of no use. It is only valid for people who are using the service of OLA cabs for the first time. Secondly, the customer can only avail this facility if he or she puts this referral code while he or she logs in.

OLA App Referral Code

By this time, I’m sure you are damn eager to know the referral code. Have patience dude, hold your breath. Here, I come up with the referral code of OAL cabs – AAK7W1U. By using this, on one hand, you can get back the OLA money while on the other hand, you can take free rides to part of the city. Before you land into the business of OLA referral codes, let me make one thing clear. The ride is free only till Rs. 200. Once it has crossed the limit of this amount, you will have to pay on your own.

A recurrent question of many users is that how to use this referral code. Well, this is really an important question. Only getting the referral code and jumping out of happiness to your heart’s content is not the ultimatum. You need to know to use it properly so that you can avail the facility. Also, once you get to know the tricks of it, you can help out your friends and family members as well.

Given below are the steps to use the referral coupon code of an OLA cab

  • Your first and foremost job will be to download the OLA cab app in your android or iphone. You can download it from the Play Store. After downloading, the app will be installed on its own.
  • Now, click on to the app. The app will get opened.
  • Next, click on the option ‘Sign-Up’.
  • This will open to you the page of creating an account in the OLA can app. To use the service of OLA it is necessary for you to create an account.
  • Fill up the spaces as has been asked for. Provide a correct and valid email ID, phone number and most importantly, set a password with proper characters. Enter the referral code there.
  • Now click on the ‘sign-up’ option. Immediately you will receive an OTP number in your mobile phone. Check it and place the numbers as has been given in the OTP. This is a way of verifying your account to see whether the details that you have provided are authentic.
  • Once you login, click on the options. Then and there, it will show you that Rs. 200 has been received in your wallet.

There are some cities with a different referral code, namely Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, and Kota. Besides these cities, all others have the same referral coupon code for new users of OLA can app.

OLA Coupon Code for First Ride

With your first ride in the OLA cab booked through the OLA cab app, you can get a free ride till Rs. 100. Whenever you use this referral code, an amount of Rs. 200 will be put into your OLA wallet instantly. Various other perks offered by the OLA Cab app is as follows:

  • Discount of 50% to airport
  • Mini rates by OLA for Sedan
  • Rebate of Rs.100 on a ride in Sedan
  • 50 off on each ride by OLA
  • Get Rs. 50 back on the third week by an OLA auto ride
  • Recharge OLA money and get Rs. 100 added to it

How to Book OLA Cab on Mobile?

To book OLA cab through their app, firstly, you need to have the OLA app set in your mobile with your personal account in it. Given below are the steps to book OLA cab in your mobile phone:

  • Open the OLA Cab app. It will immediately ask you to turn on your phone’s GPS. With the help of GPS, it will find out your present location.
  • Next, it will confirm your location, that is, the place from where you are booking.
  • Now it will ask you about the time. This timing asks you how fast you want the cab to reach to your spot. Upon this factor, depend the rate that will be charged.
  • Finally, the cab driver will make a call to you and confirm your address.

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