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Download Instagram APK Free For Windows PC And MAC


In this era of twenty first century, being active on the social media is a very common matter. Everyone is activated on these mostly at any time. So we need to have them on devices like the smart phones, Pc or laptops. Getting those apps through smart phone is familiar one. But what about the pc and the laptop? Well that may need some more extra steps to get them.

We will be helping you to get the instagram on your PC today.

Now what is instagram?

Instagram is a social media platform which is specially known for their photo sharing and video sharing quality. People from all around the world are having registered here. Anyone can follow the other users and like their videos or the photos. Thus with this one can follow the activities of the users. The photos or the videos can be uploaded or may be directly taken through the app too.

But it is more about a mobile device than a computer one. Still now people were using it for their mobile and smart phones. Now the problem of being instagram is a mobile app is really tough. Officially they are only available for the smart phones and the tablets. The operating system that it supports is the Android and the iOS. Many people who are dependent on the desktop are demanding the app for their system too.

So to meet the demand and overcome the challenge, windows download is available now. It is also possible to get this mobile app to the computer or laptop. Only the installation of the emulator in this case is essential. This installation can be done fully free of any cost. Youjust have to download some software from the web.

Know the free steps to download instagram on PC?

We will be discussing some methods which will help both the PC and the MAC to get them.

Many may not know it but instagram is having a desktop website. The only challenge for this is that many features of this are limited. Mainly the photo posting cannot be done in every possible way otherwise which is supported by instagram. But still it is possible.

Using Bluestacks know the steps to download instagram for PC?

Let’s us share how is it possible too in the desktop. Follow the steps and get them done at the right way:

  • First to start you have to create an account in the instagram. If you are already having one, then no need to create another one. That would be enough for the task. In case you are not having the account, then go to the official website or download it on the smart phone.
  • After you download the instagram, then download the Bluestack. This is he android emulator and only applicable for the Windows and MAC. The emulator will allow you to get the apps supported by the android.
  • Now launch the programs. Now open the Google play store, find the instagram app and install it.
  • After launching the program and connect with the profile.
  • Using the web cam now you can take the photos and the videos too. Now post those directly to the instagram form your windows or MAC PC.
  • You can choose the photo from the photo library too in your computer to upload them. Click on the gallery to choose the picture and images while uploading them on instagram. Also you can get the access to the standard set of the instagram filters which is easily available on the mobile.

This process of downloading the instagram with the Bluestack is very easy.

It is also downloaded with the NOX app player too. both is these are the most popular android emulators available in the market. Let’s share with you how to get the instagram through the NOX player too:

  1. Install the NOX player PC first. If you are not having it, download from its official site and get it installed on the system.
  2. This is android emulator and log in to the Google account
  3. Go to the tab searcher and search for instagram.
  4. Now get the NOX player and install the instagram.
  5. Now after the installation of the instagram, let’s start with the PC experience.

So it is very similar to the Bluestacks android emulator.

Here are some of the instagram APK file details:

The operating system of the PC or the MAC is windows 7/8/10 or MAC. The latest app is updated on 5th June 2018. If you are using it on android then the android version is 4.1, 4.1.1. The file size of the APK is 32.5 MB. So it’s a tiny one to take up a little bit of space.

To know more about it

If you are having love for photography, then instagram can be a great platform. Many people love then use to its varied features. For a long time, people were waiting for the windows or Mac. The users of the Pc or the laptop now can use them easily with the android emulator. Until now it was seen as the major drawbacks but now it has been overcome by the emulator.

We have discussed about some of the very common emulator downloader. They are the common ones which are being used. But other than that we are also having the Andy for the instagram download in the PC. It is free software which can be easily installed without any payment.

So what’s more can a user expect from such a social media platform.


On conclusion, instagram is now more accessible. Every user can get them on their device. Be it a smart phone or the computer or laptop, instagram is now everywhere. Now it is possible to take up photos and videos which you like to have. Just take the image or upload it from the gallery and upload it. Even you can start to follow other users. It is a good way to keep an eye on the activities your friends or your desired celebrity is doing in their life.

So let’s get connected and be happy with the social society.

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