Top 5 Best Games Like Skyrim You Must try in 2018


Elder Scrolls Online V: Skyrim is probably the only role-playing action based game that almost every gamer must have heard at least for once. The popularity of RPG games in these days is on peaks, and games like Skyrim tops the most trending RPG game charts. Millions of players from all over the world are investing thousands of hours of their time in the Skryim game to completely understand the mechanics of the game, and master it. Skyrim is one such kind of RPG game where you will have to grind your way out to finish the game. It’s not meant for those who quit playing a game because of its extreme complexity. Well, as we all know, you ain’t-a gamer if you don’t like the hard way.

You just have to completely evolve into the game and learn ways to make your way out of the missions and challenges. Meanwhile, you will have a ton of fun and joy during the gameplay and progression. RPG games are probably the best genre of games that can keep you hooked up for a really long time without making you feel bored. In case, if you’re a fan of such games and would love to try other RPG games, then here’s a short of list of Best Games like Skyrim You Must Try in 2018.

Best Games Like Skyrim

Best Games Like Skyrim You must try in 2018

Mount and Blade: Warband: In case, if you’re in love with the combat system and mechanics of The Elder Scrolls Online, then chances are that you’re going to like the Mount and Blade role-playing game. The game is set in the Medieval period and features an okay-ish kind of storyline to mention. However, if you the story part aside, the game is absolutely well developed which definitely gives the best experience to the players. Well, the game may not be as popular as Skyrim, but it’s still one of my favorite RPG games that I would love to play every now and then. There are noticeable key elements in the Mount and Blade that are linked with the history and tends to add a new flavor to the game.

Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor: If you’re a fan of massive open world role-playing games, then Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor is probably going to be your favorite game that you would love to play all the time. It’s an adventure game set in an Open world where you get to do whatever you want, although your actions and choices may not carry a significant impact on the outcome or result. The story goes something like, you will be playing the role of a warrior or ranger, and fight the enemies and the Evil forces that killed your family. In your quest of taking revenge, you will go through a lot of dynamic hurdles and enemies that will try to hunt you down. It’s up to you how you are going to survive and what tactics you will use to take out the devils.

Dragon Age:Inquisition: Dragon Age itself is a pretty decent franchise, the sequels of this franchise are mainly known for providing a unique experience to the player. There’s a talk out there that says Dragon Age games are pretty much polished and absolutely shines in its true sense. Well, after playing the Inquisition, I must admit that clearly, the developers have put a lot of efforts into the making of this games on iPhone. Coming to the storyline, well, you may not find it that impactful, the storyline and plot are quite okay-ish and sometimes it becomes predictable. The main character in the game will have the ability to seal off anything in the world, using the given power you will have to take care of all the chaos created by evil demons. It’s your duty to keep the city safe from evil forces and safeguard the people.

Dark Souls 2: I don’t think there would be any gamer left out there who wouldn’t have heard of Dark Souls 2. In short, it is the most popular RPG game which is still relevant in 2018 also. It’s a fighting based game filled with action and chaos, where you will have to master the skills and abilities to conquer the adversities. If you’re someone who loves to play sturdy games without taking any shortcuts, then you must definitely try out the Dark Souls 2. Majority of the players who have played Dark Souls 2 claimed that it’s the most punishing games which take real skill and patience to be victorious. You will have craft weapons and armor, and upgrade them over time to be able to win the game. It’s one of those games where you don’t have to shell out money to progress.

The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt: Those who are looking for a bang for buck kind of game, then The Witcher 3 is probably your safest bet. The price of the game is pretty much dropped to the all-time low and often comes on sale on the Steam market. This is the kind of game which will give you the best value for your money. Talking about the game aspects, the graphics are still fluid and definitely looks gorgeous when maxed out. The detailing and customizations, combat mechanics, characters, Storyline and pretty much everything is well-done. You will also get tons of DLC for free of cost if you just purchase the base game. On an average, it would take you at least 200 hours to complete the game if you don’t skip on the side quests and side missions.


So these were the best mobile games in 2018 according to me that you should try if you like to Skyrim kind of games. You can go ahead and purchase the games from Steam or your respective console stores, they’re quite discounted as of now. So, don’t hesitate and go pick them up if you’re looking for new games to try. Apart from the mentioned games, if you have played any other such RPG games, then feel free to let us know in the comments section.

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