Kickass Proxy 2018 – Kickass Unblocked & Kat Mirror Sites List (100% Working)!


Are you a movie lover? Do you have a favourite movie that you want to watch all over again every 2 days? The download them from the torrent sites? Then you must have heard of the Kickass Torrents. There is no reason why any movie lover and people who download movies from the Torrentz will not know about the Kickass Torrents.

After all this is one particular Torrent site that manages to garner so much attention each and every day from people all over the world. There is completely no doubt in the fact that Kickass torrent is definitely one of the best because of the various fast services it offers the people with. Of course people can make sure that they are getting to view the best recent movies in the best downloadable size as well as quality from this particular Torrent site.

But recently isn’t it a quite harrowing trend to find that you are not being able to access the Kickass Torrent? Isn’t it quite a bit of tension for you? Ofcourse people must go crazy because they do not know that how to get to with the best torrents anymore if Kickass torrents are not there! But then we have a solution for you but before that you will have to know that why are you not being able to access through the Torrent site in the first place!

Reason why I cannot access

There can be many reasons why this particular Torrent site is banned from you reach. To be honest there are five important reasons for the same. We will listen for you point by point without any problem at all:

  • Banned by your internet service provider:

There is completely no doubt in the fact that the internet service provider can at times ban your access to few torrent sites. Or rather it can when your access to all the torrent sites all in all. This may be one of the most important reasons why you are not being able to get through with the Torrent site.

  • Banned by the government of your country:

Maybe this is one issue that you are not only suffering from alone. In fact all your fellow countrymen are suffering from the same problem because the government has put a ban on this particular Torrent site. Of course this is the most important reason why you cannot access through the Kickass Torrent site anymore.

  • The antivirus you are using:

Many times anti-virus that you are using me block the particular Torrent site of Kickass Torrents. This is another reason why you must be cautious about it.

  • Browser problem:

Many times the browser refuses to support the Torrent site but then again it is one of the thing that can be the various reasons why you are not being able to access through the torrent sites.

  • The Torrent site is shut down:

Another low probable reason why you cannot access through KickassTorrents because it is very much active.

Fortunately you will always have an option of accessing through the Kickass proxy sites without any problem at all.

Using VPN to access through the Kickass Torrents

If you really want to access through the site of Kickass Torrents with the help of VPN then the first thing that you should do is check through the reviews of Kickass unblocked. This will help you choose through a server that will allow you to get through with the server of Kickass Torrents. You will really not need the help of the proxy sites for the same.

You can definitely get through with the unblocking of a particular website, if you choose to select the same. Accessing through the Kickass Torrents will not be difficult.

Disable the firewall as well as the internet protection

In case you do not want to use the Kickass torrent proxy sites then you must understand that you will have to disable the firewall as well as the internet protection in order to get through with the same. But then again there is a catch to it. Because the site is blocked in the first place you will not be able to access through the server at all. This will again land due to the Kickass proxy because this is exactly what will help you get through with the sites.

The Kickass proxy

This is of course a server that replicates the original server of Kickass Torrents. But then again it is not a physical website in itself but usually used to replicate the main server. This is exactly why it is also known as a mirror site in the first place. Unblocking the Kickass server really becomes very easy with the help of these proxy sites.

Unblocking Kickass through the help of Kickass proxy sites

There is no doubt in the fact that there are many proxy sites of Kickass Torrents easily available on the Internet. Below mentioned as a few best that you can use no matter what:

  • com:

This particular site is available online and is active still. Of course it offers with very fast speed.

  • com:

This is a of course another site that you can make use of because it is extremely fast as well as active.

  • io:

Another very fast site that you can access because it is extremely available now.

  • net:

This is another proxy of extratorrent that people can use because it is extremely fast when it comes to providing an access.


If you want the best leeches as well as the seeds then Kickass torrent is one of the best that you can use. There is completely no doubt in the fact that this particular Torrent site has to offer with a lot many foot fall as traffic in the first place and therefore the site has an end number of advantages to itself. There is completely no doubt in the fact that with the help of the various proxy sites accessing through the Kickass Torrents will become easier than you can imagine.

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