1337x Proxy 2018 – 1337x Unblocked & Mirror Sites List (100% Working)!


There is completely no doubt in the fact that if you are a movie lover or want anything for entertainment then the best way to get through with it for free is the torrent sites. There are so many Torrent site available on the Internet nowadays the choosing the best really becomes difficult for people. But certain sites tend to do better than the rest because of various reasons.

One of the best sites that you can come across with is definitely 1337x Torrent site. This is one of the best because of the various important services that it provides with excellence.

Unfortunately on the Internet or in your country the particular Torrent site can be blocked or banned. And this is exactly why you must be aware of the proxy servers are the various 1337X Torrent mirror sites. In case you are really interested to know all about it then we are here to help you with the same. With this article you will be introduced to the idea of 1337x Torrent proxy sites that can help you get through with the best results for yourself. Before that you will have to understand that why this particular Torrent site may be blocked for you in the first place.

Checking if the ISP has blocked the 1337 X Torrent

At times there may be a server problem to your system. This is definitely one of the most negligible issues that can restrict your visit to the particular Torrent site of 1337 x. But then again there are few permanent problems that can be the major reason why your favourite Torrent site is not accessible.

If while accessing you get a message that says that the authority to get true with the site is revoked by the ISP are the government that it is a clear indication that the Torrent site is blocked.

You can definitely make sure that you are using the mobile phones in order to check with the blocking of the torrent sites. Checking with the same will become very easy for you because mobile phones help in making things a bit easier for you. Rather they work in a different protocol altogether.

Why is the 1337x Torrent site blocked?

There is completely no doubt in the fact that understanding that the Torrent site is blocked because of various reasons. Firstly the torrent sites usually hinder in the privacy as well as security of other materials that are made by people.

These are unauthorised contents that are taken without consent from the makers and therefore this is nothing more than piracy. Piracy has always been an illegal entity that contradicts the lawfulness of a particular subject or matter as well as the law of the country in the same time.

This is only by the government puts a blockage to the existence of the torrent sites. But then again not all the countries believe in the same and therefore even if the Torrent site is blocked in your country it may not be blocked in other.

You can easily get through with the same with the help of VPN even with the help of 1337 X Torrent proxy. These are the mirror sites that can help you with great results.

1337 X proxy mirror sites that can unblock

Already mentioned that when it comes to accessing of the particular Torrent site then the VPN is one of the best methods because it helps in hiding IP address all in all. This literally assure you of the best results because you can get through with the torrent sites without getting caught at all because your IP address is well hidden.

The 1337 X mirror or proxy sites are equally important because these can also help you get through with the main server without any problem at all. These sites are practically develop because that replicate the original site for you but does not have any physical existence for themselves.

This is one of the most important reasons why this particular site works the best for you people no matter what. The following is a list of few important proxy sites that you can get through with in order to get an access to 1337 x torrent:

  • com:

This particular site is available online and is active still. Of course it offers with very fast speed.

  • com:

This is a of course another site that you can make use of because it is extremely fast as well as active.

  • io:

Another very fast site that you can access because it is extremely available now.

  • net:

This is another proxy of extratorrent that people can use because it is extremely fast when it comes to providing an access.

  • ch:

Easily available to the people because it is still active and it is extremely fast because it provides great access to the people.

  • com:

This is one of the best online active as well as fast site that can help you get through with the best results.

These are few of the important sites that you can make the best use of no matter what.


Most of the countries usually believe in blocking the torrent sites. Your country can easily be amongst these. Therefore there is no doubt in the fact that your access to the Torrent site of 1337 X can be blocked. Especially if you are using the direct links to the same. With the help of VPN as well as the 1337 X proxy or the mirror sites you can easily get an access to the server and therefore get through with the best movies games as well as songs for yourself and that too for absolutely free. This will be the best benefit for you maybe forever. And of course you can make the best use of the same without any problem at all. Make sure that you are following the links just as stated for the best results for you. Of course this will offer you nothing less than amazing results for yourself.

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