Guidelines to Create a Quality Website

Overcome the question whether it is necessary to have a website for your business, now is the time to think about creating a quality website to help you promote your business. A web lively, dynamic, result oriented, not to create a simple window and leave it frozen in time until “yellowing”.

 Quality Website

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How to create a quality website?

In this post I have compiled a list of tips and items that you should consider when creating an effective and quality web:

1. Objectives:

Clearly define the goal of your website and within each of the pages define what you want the user to do. Avoid the user to wonder through your site without finding anything specific.

2. Usability:

Use clear navigation, enabling users to find your content quickly.

3. Design:

Be clean, clear and consistent with the image you want to convey about your company, always try to make use of your corporate colors.

4. Content:

Creating quality content is the key to retaining your current customers and attracting new ones. It is important that they continue to persuade them more time on your website.

5. Readability:

In response to the maxim that the Internet does not read, we scan, we recommend that you use short paragraphs, make use of the lists, add graphic elements to accompany and encourage reading by inserting videos, calls to action.

6. Sociable:

Add social buttons to every page of your site, giving the possibility that your products and services are shared. On the other hand, it is also expected for a visitor on your company’s presence in social networks and therefore have the icons of social networks implanted in your website.

7. Contact Information:

Make your contact information (phone, email, physical address, etc.). Easy to find in any part of your website and is a prominent, preferably in the upper right and the footer.

8. Testimonials from your customers:

Build trust and credibility with real testimonials from your customers, it is also advisable to include a carousel of corporate logos, customers or suppliers with whom you work.

9. Subscription to the newsletter:

Give your visitors the ability to subscribe to your newsletter by offering something in return, either with content as an ebook or through discounts, special offers, etc.

10. Site Map:

Includes a map of your site, this will help your users to see all that you offer at a glance and can find what they seek more easily.

11. Use the breadcrumbs:

Also known as Breadcrumds or Ariadne’s Thread, is an element that is usually found below the menu and telling the user where it goes where it is at all times.

12. Blog:

A blog integrated into your website will help attract visitors to your site, you should keep in mind that the information is consistent, and useful quality. It is also important to give a prominent place in the home.

13. Adaptable and responsive Web Design:

Your website should be able to adapt to all devices, or screen resolution, it will improve your users’ experience.

Would you add any advice more to create a quality website? I’d love to hear more views on this topic.

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