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Love to watch the latest movies sitting at your home? Well that can sound a bit impossible few years back.

But now latest technology has allowed the streaming of the latest movies. This would allow watching the movies online sitting at your home. There is no tension of going to the theatre and buying the expensive tickets and watch the movies.

While talking about the streaming sites, there are many. But which one is the best one? Among the crowds of the streaming sites, we have taken out the best one and discussed about it in details. let’s have a look at the MovieRulz which is the love of the many movie lovers.

Features of this streaming website

Why people love it so much?

Obviously there has to be some reason behind the liking. After the detailed study we have found that MovieRulz rules over people as they offer free movies streaming. And who don’t love to watch movies free of any cost. Anyone will love to have so. MovieRulz has been offering all the English movies for free of any cost. But those who love to watch the Bollywood can also watch them too. this is the main reason behinds its huge popularity among all.

Another very important about this streaming site is that they are user friendly. Even if you are not a tech geek, then also you can operate the site for watching movies. This has been done by the MovieRulz team so that most of the people can accept the movie streaming site. It is very simple operation with the convenient display using solid background. Mainly for the Hollywood, but this site si also best for the Bollywood and the Tollywood movies.

Now, another very common question for the users.  Do I need to register with the website? The answer is a big NO. You don’t need any kind of registration when watching the mvovies. Wile watching the same movies on the NetFlix, HULU, Amazon Prime and other free online movies sites, registration is a must. But in case of the MovieRulz, you need to registration, no login issue and no log out issue. Just visit the website and search the favorite movie, play the movie and enjoy it at home. It is as simple as this.

Here we listed some more benefits of the MovieRulz:

  1. Offers free movies obviously in HD
  2. Numerous streaming servers to watch a movie
  3. Updated on regular basis and so you can get the latest movies
  4. Get a team at the live chat to handle any issue with the site
  5. Easy search through the search bar
  6. Best and mainly for the Hollywood movies, it is also good site for Bollywood movies.
  7. Get the movies under various categories which reduce the search time.

So all these feature of the MovieRulz has made it so popular among the movie lovers ad so they always need the access.

MovieRulz proxy /mirror sites

But many regions over the globe have been raising issues which are raising certain issues. One such problem is that the hosting changes on frequently and so you need to keep a track. The present working domain is Get all the movie related information and the entire HD quality movie at this site. Besides this one, we are sharing some more website by which you can get the MovieRulz access. Try them out and share your experience with us in the comment box.

Check out the list below:

  1. ms- speed is very fast
  2. desi- speed is very fast
  3. co- speed is very fast
  4. speed is very fast
  5. MovieRulz proxy- fast
  6. Unblock MovieRulz- speed is normal
  7. MovieRulz UK proxy- fast
  8. MovieRulz mirror site- normal
  9. MovieRulz alternatives- normal
  10. MovieRulz unblocked- fast
  11. Proxy for movie rulz- slow
  12. MovieRulz proxy mirror- slow
  13. MovieRulz fast proxy- slow.

These are some websites which can be seen with the online status.

Below are some more whose status is offline.

  4. com

Thus these are the offline sites where speed is not a factor.

Here are some official information about the site of MovieRulz.

  • The global raking of the site is 137,767.
  • The rank in India is 9512
  • The bounce rate for the website is nearly 91 %.
  • Most of the common keyword for the website are as follows:

Movie rulz .com,, telugu.

  • Mostly these sites are visited before coming to the MovieRulz:,,,,

  • Here are some sites which are linked to the MovieRulz:, nairaland,com, online,

  • Overall speed of the MovieRulz

It is very fast (0.96 secs)

Few cons of the website are also being given for your information:

  1. If you are looking for the ad blocker in this site, well you may be disheartened. There is no ad blockers. So you can get the ads on the website that may be a bit disturbing. Why not sacrifice a little bit to get the other advantageous features of the website?
  2. They don’t have the movies direct on their website. Instead they provide the links
    (‘mentioned above) form where the movies can be watched. Considering it forms other side, it is safe but that gives a lot of ads coming on its ways. So it is being considered as the cons by us. Let us consider this little thing as the cons. Otherwise there is no other disadvantage of the website.


So now by the end of the article, hope you are having a detailed idea about the MovieRulz now. So now the task that you have to do is to open the website that is provided below and start watching your favorite movie that you have missed out. Experience it and tell us how your experience was. We have shared every detail to help you use the streaming site safely.

So isn’t this information tells you that MovieRulz is the best of all the streaming sites? try the website and be satisfied.

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