Top 30 most interesting websites in the world that will kill your Boredom

Do you often feel lonely? Then from now onwards you will never feel bore because we have come up with 30 best interesting websites in the World that will help you to kill your boredom and make you happy.

How much time you spend time by seeing useless Web?

Many of us spend a lot of time by seeing useless website. But instead of viewing the worthless website, it is better to see some interesting website that at least can help you to remove your boredom.

Let’s find out the list of to 30 interesting websites in the world.

Hacker Typer: The most interesting website

This is an amazing website that can help you act as a hacker. Go to this website and simply type anything randomly, you will observe that whatever you have typed that will appear on the screen.

The Faces of Facebook:  The most exciting website

You must know that Facebook has 1.2 billion users. When you visit this website, you will be able to see the profile picture of all these users.

Weave Silk: The excellent artwork

This is an excellent website that helps the user to create some amazing artwork, no matter whether they know how to draw or not. Everybody can become creative in this website and can have some amazing artwork just with the help of mouse and cursor.

This Is Sand: A way to create an amazing sandscape

This Is Sand is one most interesting website that allows the user to create various designs with sand. User can even color the design just by pressing C keys. For pouring sand on the screen the user can click anywhere on the screen.

Incredi Box: An incredible chance to create choirmaster

An amazing website that helps the user to create some cool and creative sounds of your choice and help you to become a choirmaster in just a few clicks.

A Soft Murmur: The amazing sound creator

This is a very amazing website that can make you chill for a while. It will produce some amazing natural sound that will help you to remove all your stress. All that you have to do is just plug he headphone and listen some amazing sounds.

The Nicest Place on The Internet: An amazing website

This is an amazing website which helps you to get relaxed and is the best place to visin when a person feels lonely and needs a hug.

Free Rice: A way to get free rice

This is an amazing website which helps you ger free rice. There will be a lot of question and each correct answer you will get 10 gm of free rice.

Do I Have A Dead Pixel: The most cool website

This is another cool website which can help the user to check if their monitor has any dead pixel.

Bored Panda: The loveliest website that will entertain you all the time

In this website you will get a lot of cool stuff and articles. This website is mainly for those users who love photography, illustration, technology, etc.

Brain Pickings: The website that expands your knowledge

This is a website from where you can get some knowledge apart form getting entertainment. When a person cannot decide what to do, he should visit this website. It has some very thoughtful blog posts that can enhance your knowledge.

Touch Pianist: The online piano experience

This website is for those who loves piano. Here you can play the piano by hitting on the keys of the keyboard and helps you to kill your boredom.

Ana Somnia: The best website for entertainment 

For using this website, you must have web cam in your computer and you have to switch off all the light of your computer. You will find how a character head exploded with a dream.

Oddee: The website for beautiful and unlikely friendship

This is another website which has largest web directories. It contains many craziest, strangest, and bizarre content that will give you full entertainment.

Solve the Riddle: The most amazing website you have ever seen

In this website you have to solve a riddle. There are a number of riddles that has multiple levels and level gets tougher as you proceed. This is a great website when you need to kill your time.

Sneeze the Dragon: The website designed to have fun

You will never feel bore whenever you will login to this website. It is powered by JavaScript and Ruby. User need to click the computer screen as much as possible for making a dragon sneeze harder.

Time’s Timelapse: An amazing entertainment website

In this website you can get an excellent way to visit time-lapse of Amazon Forests, Dubai, Columbia Glaciers and Las Vegas and will entertain you to the fullest.

Is It Normal: One lovely website

You will get a lot of funny and interesting topic and you can ask a question that are there in your mind and you will get a reply from other as per their point of view. A wonderful website for entertainment

In this website you will get an opportunity to grow their bubble and enable to control it with the help of the cursor.

TED: one most popular website for having fun

With this website you can spread your knowledge and ideas. People form all over the world share their knowledge and experience here and you came to know a lot of things.

Laughing Squid: One lovely website that you have ever seen

If you love technology, culture, art then this website is for you and it contains many new posts that will definitely kill your time.

Funny or Die: The funniest website

If you want to lough then visit this website. You will get a lot of hilarious sketches from users, comedians, and celebrities that will entertain you and will your time.

College Humor: A comedy based website

This is another amazing website for comedy. In this website you will get a lot of entertaining and hilarious articles, photos and videos that will entertain you to the fullest.

StumbleUpon: A way to find various site

This is a funny website that comes up with an option for finding other website based on user’s interest. User can even thumbs up or thumbs down for this website.

Magic Pen: A amazing website for drawing anything

This is a website you will get a red ball which you need to push for drawing any shapes. User can also erase some poor drawing by eraser. This will kill your time and will entertain you.

Giphy: A website to get animated GIFs

In this website you will get a lot of Giphy which is very popular in search engine. It hosts a lot of GIFs.

Buzzfeed: Another excellent website for entertainment

It is a very well know website that is know for hosting viral content. You can find all funny things here and will ago get many quizzes that will entertain you.

Reddit: A website you should try

This is a website which will allow you to post your articles, photos, videos. It also has many good content, and this is why it is known as “The front page of the Internet”.

Cracked: A funny website that will kill your time

This website contains some funniest articles on various topics and will help you to remain entertained.

These are some websites that will help you to kill your time and boredom.

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