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How To Get Mac-like Touch Bar On Android Devices?

Toward the end of 2016, October to be precise, Apple introduced the revolutionary touch bar feature on their Macbook, which although considered a stratagem by many people, has some really cool functions. This great creation became extremely handy and useful because users no more had to follow long steps to get access to many of the features or options of the device. Almost every function could be carried out with a single touch. The Touch Bar is totally multitouch based and can support upto ten inputs at the same time, thus enabling several options in third-party applications.

How to Get Mac-like Touch Bar on Android Devices


The Control Strip is one of the remarkable features of the Touch Bar which provides the user quick and easy access to various system features such as volume, brightness, Siri, and more. A small strip at the top of the screen includes a light-up panel, containing several options that vary with what program you are using on your Mac. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Are you an Android user who wish to have these features on your android device? Well, there’s good news! Now, it’s totally possible to get Mac-like touch bar on your android device too. XDA Developer alecot18 has created an app named TouchBar for Android, which imitates the Control Strip of Apple’s Touch Bar on Android devices.

A great thing about this free app is that you don’t require root access to install it. The steps are rather easy and simple since you only need to download and install an app that will enable you to use the Touch Bar on your android.

For those of you who wish to enjoy the cool features of Touch Bar Control Strip, here is how to get Mac-like Touch Bar on your Android devices:

How to Get Mac-like Touch Bar on Android Devices


TouchBar app for Android is not available on Google Play Store. So, we’ve to use the side loading method, where the app is installed on Android manually, using the APK file. Since the app needs to be downloaded via an unknown resource, you need to make sure that you’ve enabled the “Unknown Resources” option inside the Security Settings.

  • So, before you install the TouchBar app on your android device, the first step is to enable installation of third-party APK files. For this, go to Android Settings, select the Security option and check the “Unknown Sources” option.
  • Now, download the TouchBar for Android APK files from XDA Labs and install it. You can also download the APK files from the XDA Labs website onto your computer and then transfer them to your Android device, using any file sharing tool or a USB cable. You may have to Download Phone USB Drivers if your device is new.
  • The APK files are completely safe to be downloaded on your device. However, if you’re not that confident, you can always scan the file using an antivirus program.
  • Once you’ve installed the app, you need to grant all the permissions, such as Overlay Screen, Write System Settings, and Do Not Disturb Access to activate the TouchBar for Android.
  • Having done so, navigate down and click on the “Activate TouchBar.” This will activate the TouchBar.
  • Tapping on the bottom part of your screen just above the navigation bar will display the Touch Bar and you can start using it. Alternatively, you can access the Touch Bar whenever you want by swiping on the screen. By default, the Touch Bar is set to Auto-hide after one second. You can change this duration by going to the “TouchBar Settings” section.

The Touch Bar contains numerous options like Brightness settings, Volume settings, Bluetooth, WiFi, and Screen Rotation, all of which can easily be accessed and controlled from anywhere. In addition to these options, the app includes various other features that allow you to control the functions of your Android device with just a touch.

In essence, theTouch Bar is a quick way for the users of Android devices to get access to a wide range of options and features that they use on a regular basis with just a single touch. Have you tried the Touch Bar for Android? What do you think about it? Do share your experience with us so that others too can enjoy the quick and easy shortcuts on their Android devices.

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