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Popcorn time is one of the popular movies apps which is also known as Netflix but pirated version. Recently, millions of users are now downloading the torrent software provided by the Popcorn time which has been debuted past year. The software is very easy, and design is clean which makes the interface inspiring. Since the popcorn switched to torrent questions are developing around the world regarding the original developing patenting by registering the trademark of the app so that they can avoid imitation in the market.

Other popular clients used to access torrents — like Vuze and uTorrent, for example — make it clear to users that they’re simultaneously downloading and uploading an individual file, such as a movie. The risk, for pirates nervous about their activity, comes in when they’re uploading a file, as they have no choice but to expose their IP addresses, locations and often the WiFi networks being used.

Popcorn time advised the users to upload the content carefully on the servers so that they can avoid any consequences from the legal side. The users who have uploaded videos and movies on the Popcorn Time are now facing legal threats on uploading a copyrighted files. Popcorn time has not attracted many users from Netflix and other sources because you can get to watch Hollywood movies without paying a single penny.

Where To Download Popcorn Time?

You can now download the app on iStore without any hassle or by now the iStore must have banned Popcorn time from their list, or you can download their apps from the official site.

Popcorn Time App

Currently, Popcorn time has been banned from all sources like Play Store, iOS store, and Windows store. There is no doubt that Popcorn time has broke several copyright rules which have literally broken the Popcorn Time into nothing and the app is not available in the mainstream stores. You can still download the app from third-party sources, but there is a guarantee that they will work for you guys. Now that the official website has also effected from the process and the official website is also down but if you are a Popcorn time user, then you can use your PC or your smartphone to install the non0-market version on your device to use it.

Popcorn Time for iOS – iPhone or iPad or iPod

In past Apple has strict policy and guidelines for new apps which were not easy to be taken carte of but now things have now changed a bit, and that is the reason why Popcorn Time has not survived on the Apple store, which is just bad timing. Now developers are taking a step to get their apps installed on the iPhone’s iPads without them jailbreaking it. Apple has a program called developers enterprise program where the developers can take advantage of the program by paying the fee of $200/year to the Apple and the apps on users smartphones. The trick to installing these apps with a valid certificate is to make the users turn the Airplane mode on during the app installation.

Install Popcorn Time for iPhone/ iPad Without Jailbreak

The developers were working on the part where they can get the app working on the iOS device without the users Jailbreaking it and it was a difficult time for the developers. Now you are wondering how you can install an app which is not available anymore on the Apple store, then the developers recently reported to Wired that they can install the app without using the iStore. So the procedure has been explained to the Wired,

  • Download an app caller iOS installer,
  • Install the iOS installer on your PC,
  • Then the app to your iPhone or your iOS device via USB cable.
  • Let the app start and instructions come together then you will be able to install it via instructions on the app.

Now you are wondering that why we have not provided you a link to download because the information has been given via an email without any name or identity. The reasons are how you can trust somebody who is hiding in the shadows and does you wish to continue an app which might have security flaws, anonymous threats and would you like to expose your information to an unknown developer. You can use the PC version of Popcorn time, and it does not guarantee that your PC will be malware free.

Popcorn Time for iPhone/ iPad [Jailbroken]

Popcorn time can be downloaded from the other sources which are of course non-market, but there is always a risk involved into it where you might be giving access to your smartphone and the information inside of your smartphone to unknown sources.

Installing would not be any hassle, all you have to do is to download the app from the sources available on Google.

  • Sign out from your iTunes by going into Settings – iTunes – Sign out.
  • Now download the app from any source.
  • Once downloaded put your smartphone on Airplane mode.
  • Now you can install the app.
  • When you launch the app, your smartphone will ask you to sign in to iTunes “cancel.”

Popcorn Time for Android

It is an easy task for Android users, download the app from any sources you can use Google to find the location.Now download the app to your smartphone directly. Remember, you need to turn off your Antivirus from your smartphone without wasting any time.

  • Go to settings – Security or Storage (For old smartphones) – Tap on “Unknown Sources.”
  • Find the location of the folder.
  • Install the app without any issue.
  • Once the installation is finished, Go back to settings – Security or Storage (For old smartphones) – Tap on “Unknown Sources.”

Remember, when you do this, you are also putting your data,information at risk.


Now that we have given you complete information on how you can install Popcorn Time on your smartphone. Remember, we are promoting the app or any of it’s services and no one has paid us to do so and it is advised that you think twice before you use this app.

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