Beat Robots and Survive for As Long as You Can in This Hybrid endless

Runner games are a staple game in mobile platforms because they are practically always endless and can provide hours of fun without growing tired of it. How would it be like, then, if it’s incorporated with elements you’d normally expect from a shooting game? The developers of Agent War Origins introduced this very twist and what resulted is a game that provides a whole new level of entertainment.

The game has the agent/soldier theme that is reminiscent of modern shooting and tactical games. However, it’s presented primarily in an endless runner game setting. Your character (in this case, you take the role of an agent) runs continually forward. The setting of most of the action is a modern city that has been invaded by evil robots. It’s your task to survive as long as possible and eliminate the said threats along the way.

If you’re not unfamiliar with endless runners, Agent War Origins’ controls would be easy to get the hang of. You have to swipe towards the left, right, up, or down to move towards the said directions, jump, or slide respectively. You are only able to do these swiping actions on the right-hand side of the screen for reasons that are related to the hybrid shooting aspect of the game.

Speaking of shooting, it’s interesting to note the game’s approach in its inclusion. As you progress in dodging obstacles, you will encounter groups of robots that will begin shooting at you. Once this occurs, it will be like entering a different mode. Your movement slows down, and a health bar will be displayed for your character. Every time you get hit, the said bar will decrease and if goes all the way down, it’s game over. Unlike when you hit an obstacle, you immediately die.There are a host of credits in the game, typical to runner games.

Coins are gained by getting running milestones and defeating enemies. There are missions in the main menu that you can do in order to receive experience and various other rewards to strengthen your current character as well. You can use crystals to unlock the other two characters (another masked male and a female agent).

Another very impressive aspect of the game is the large array of weapons that you can buy and upgrade. The level of detail for each one is marvelous, to say the least. You also get to upgrade its damage, accuracy, rate of fire, and total ammo, to cite a few, which only ever adds to the variability of strategies that you can plan and execute to overcome the increasingly harder enemies you’ll encounter as you run as far as you can.

Overall, the app is able to provide fresh fun to an already proven genre. It opted to invest in the shooter elements, which really paid off, as you’ll soon see for yourself once you give it a try. For those looking for a more challenging runner game, this is the one to get.

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