Washing Machines Buying Guide: Things to be Considered


Are you looking for a washing machine and want to buy a washing machine for your home. Well, let me tell you that this is not an easy task because there are plenty of companies who attract you with exciting features. Many customers make this mistake and buy a washing machine on offer and buy poor quality products if they don’t have proper knowledge about the product. Every customer should have the proper knowledge of a buying guide at the time of buying any products. Here, we’re going to discuss the complete buying guidance about the Washing machine. All the points are described below:-

Type of Washing machines

There are 2 types of washing machines 1. Semi-automatic washing machine which is available at the price of 6000 to 12000 Rs. In India. This machine attains 2 tubs one for washing and another for drying. 2. Fully automatic washing machine which is comparatively expensive and works automatically. You have to keep in mind what type of washing machine you want. You can buy such type of best washing machines under 20000 INR budget.

Tub material

Make sure to check out the material of your tub. Generally, tubs are available in 3 different categories 1. Plastic tub, 2. enamel tub, and 3. Stainless steel tub. A plastic tub is more durable than an enamel tub. The tub which is made with stainless steel is categorized as the best tub material for every type of washing machine.

Washing settings controls

Make sure to check all the washing settings which are available in your selected product. Some of the important settings which should be considered in ideal washing machines are:-

  1.   Gentle wash setting for frail clothes.
  2.   Water level alternatives.
  3.   Rotary controls etc.

These types of settings make a washing machine more relevant and easy to use.

Spin speed

The spin speed of your washing machine must attain a good speed. Machines attain spin speed according to the type of clothes. Ideal washing machines attain the speed of 300-500 rpm on frail clothes and 1000 from for hard clothes like jeans.

Temperature control settings

Make sure that your washing machine attains temperature control settings. This will help you to adjust the temperature of the water which is needed to wash a category of clothes. With the temperature control settings, the washing quality of your washing machine is increased.

Fuzzy Feature

This feature is one of the most important features which every customer should check while buying any washing machine product. Fuzzy logic tells you about the needed amount of detergent and water to wash several clothes. This helps to avoid the wastage of detergent and water and increase the quality of washing.

The capacity of the Washing machine

This is also the most important thing which should be considered by every customer while buying a washing machine. If your family is filled with members then you should go for a high capacity washing machine. Otherwise, a washing machine of moderate capacity can be your ideal choice.


So, here we discussed all the important measures which every customer should take care of while using a washing machine product.

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