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How many of you watch videos online? Well, almost half of the globe browses Youtube for latest videos and updates from the TV shows, movies trailers, and other media. Now have you ever wondered that there are other sources where you can watch videos other than Youtube and Dailymotion? Wait why am I even mentioning DailyMotion, yeah it is pretty much dead now.

Youtube is a great source of watching videos and other media, but we want more than just clips. We want videos where we can watch episodes, yeah you can watch episodes on Youtube, but most of them are simple six minutes of spoilers, but you cannot watch the movie or the full movie from the latest series. There are many issues with the Youtube as well, and you cannot watch anything full but the VEVO songs provided by the Youtube, which is fantastic.

Other than that you are restricted to watch and upload series which come under the copyrights. So what do we do now? Ofcourse you can Google and get access few sources and watch your favorite shows the way you desire them to be. The only issue is that you cannot find your favorite media at one place, so that makes you find new sources for every query.

Cinemabox App

There is always a solution to everyone’s problems, and we do have a solution for you who wants to watch videos and download them to your gallery. Then Cinema App fits your requirements. If you ever heard of this, then you surely know that many are now switching to this app, where they can find full HD videos, Movies and all of the copyrighted media for free.

Cinemabox app is attracting many users who watch movies online across the globe because it does not charge you for watching Netflix.

Procedure to Download Cinemabox app for Android Device

First of all, you need to download the app from the source we are going to provide you, and we are going to explain it in step by step so that you don’t have to go around somewhere else to find out.

So now once you are done with the downloading the app, move it to your internal memory or your SD card.

Go to your settings – security or Storage – Tap on “Unknown Sources” (The app is not available on the Play Store.).

Install the package as any regular package. Remember, the app is not a verified by Google or any Antivirus program for its security. So keep in mind that the app is not secured or proven by any authority. You are at own risk.

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Features of Cinemabox App

Cinema box comes with loaded features which make the app more premiums like Youtube. Let’s take a short tour of features and options you can choose from the cinembox app.

This new application has its set of features which makes it even more interesting to use.

It is Free & Always Will Be

Premium services come at a price, for instance, we can take a look at Netflix where you can watch your shows online, but it charges per show or depending on the package subscribers. Coming to the movies section Amazon movie renting, which also cost the family around $30 per show or movie, which is expensive if you plan to watch it more than once. Cinemabox is the perfect option as they don’t charge you a penny.

Regular Updates On?

Have you wondered how the app works? Well, I will not go into details so, i will make it easy for you to understand. Cinemabox team updates their list of shows and sources so that you can get new and fresh content every time you search for a movie or shows online.

Safety For?

Well, there is no denying that the Internet is a source of anything and there is no way that the Internet sources are made for you kids. So you cannot protect your children from any of these sources. But if you are using Cinemabox then you can put up a lock, or you can say an option which enables you to protect your children from harmful content.

You can enable the “Kids Mode” option from the options and then the content which is not appropriate for the children will be removed from the list, that’s how you can keep your children on safety.


One of the major features which make the cinemabox premium app is that you can download HD movies on your app, so that you can come back and watch later. You can watch the movie as many times you want, and there is no restriction. 

Supports Chromecast Viewing, Apple TV Viewing, and Wifi Sharing

I have already mentioned that the app is premium and I has features which are made for everyone and different needs. The app is concentrated for those who want to watch movies online or download them to watch later. There is no fun in watching a movie on the small screen, so the developer’s team added the features where you can connect your TV and other ways to watch it on the big screen.

Steps to Download Cinema box App for iOS Devices (iPhone/ iPad/ iPod Touch)

  • Installing on iOS device is not an easy task, you need to sign out your iTunes from the iOS device. Go to Settings – iTunes & app store.
  • Now it’s time to download the app from here
  • Once the download is finished, hit on Install.
  • The app asks for permissions “Yes” then wait till the app is installed.
  • once you launch the app, your device will ask you to sign in or sign up, choose Cancel instead.

iOS smartphone always have restrictions when it comes to the installing or adding anything to the smartphone.


Cinemabox is becoming very popular and the app has been installed by thousands of users each day and you need to have a smartphone which is running Android 4.0 or above and moving to the iOS 7. Remember this app is not sponsored or we are promoting it, use it on your own accord.

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