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10 free tools to automate repetitive tasks on Windows

There are a number of tasks on Windows that are repetitive in nature. This means that in order to get the task done, one has to go through the same sequence of steps again and again. Now there cannot be two opinions that this process is irritating and waste of time especially for users who spend a lot of time with the system. Fortunately there are some tools that are capable of automating the repetitive tasks on Windows. This post provides detailed information about these tools including their features and applications.

FastStone Photo Resizer

The FastStone Photo resizer can be used to perform various tasks with photos. You can convert the photos in different formats, resize the photos and change the settings. Another useful option is that you can add bookmark on an image with this tool. Now if you have to manage photos on a regular basis, doing the same task on each photo will consume a lot of time. With FastStone Photo resize, you can select a group of photos and perform the function on all the photos with a single click. This tool is free for personal use but for commercial license you need to pay $19.95

Phrase Express

You must have used the auto text feature in Microsoft word. Phrase express is a similar tool but it has an advantage that is can be used outside Microsoft word too. Once you have gained some experience with the tool, you can also create complicated macros for big tasks.

Quick Search and Phrase

Quick Search and Phrase is an alternative for find and replace with additional features. Quick Search and Phrase not only searches the currently opened file but it also scans all the folders and drives. It can be really useful if your computer is cluttered with different files stored at random locations.

Rename Master

The rename master tool allows you to change the name of files in seconds. This tool is very easy to use and saves a lot of time.


If there are a number of programs in your computer that initiate at startup, your computer might become slow. There is an option to manually disable some programs that are not urgent. However, if you do not want to do this manually, you can try Soluto. Soluto automatically determines the priority of programs and allocates resources accordingly.

Format Factory

All of us use different converters for different purposes. For instance, there are converters to change the format of video files, text files and images. What if you get a converter that is capable of handling all the type of files? Format Factory is capable of doing this and is available for free for personal use.


The AutoHotKey tool allows you to set a combination of characters for a particular function.


AMPwinOFF allows you to set time for the shutdown and restart of the system.


AlacrityPC makes special arrangements regarding resource allocation in your system so that you can run bigger applications without any problem.


PrintCodutor manages the printing of numerous documents automatically. It supports files of different types but does not work for web pages on systems with IE8 or higher.

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