10 Best Working Nintendo 3DS Emulator For PC And Android


What do you do after a week of hectic office meeting? How do you relax? Work pressure indeed makes you boring. Time for some fun, right? What about some video games? Aren’t they fun? Videos games have always been consuming a lot of your leisure time. Nothing like video games can refresh your mind more.

For all the video game lovers out there, there is good news. There has been a magnificent reduction in the price of the Nintendo 3D. Initially, Nintendo dates back to the 1980s. As days passed by, it got more innovative and experimented with new styles. It was in the 2011 that Nintendo launched its 3D version in Japan on the 26th of April. Just after its 3D version was released, there was noticed to be a cut down in the price within six months of its release.

During its initial days, Nintendo was suffering from the success that it thought of enjoying. But failure did not stop Nintendo to prove itself. Instead of getting stagnant by the failures in its path, it took baby steps gradually and kept on improving day by day. After several attempts, it was in 2010 that Nintendo announced for their first 3D console. This was the first time that this Nintendo console was added to the D family. And finally, it broke all bars and achieved huge success and popularity.

Here, in this article, we will talk about some of the best 3D Nintendos suitable for error free working in the Android and PC. These will allow you play games of the Nintendo genre in android and your computer at ease.

Most of you must be confused with the 3D version of the Nintendo right? Let me make things clear to you. The 3D emulator of Nintendo makes the objects look doubled so that you can understand them better. Further, 3D version of any game is good to play with in the big screen. Also, your PC and android devices support 3D system without showing any error. Also, the 3D emulators are of great help to the gaming developers.

What are the best Nintendo emulators suitable for PC, Mac and Linux?

Now, let us take a look at the best 3D Nintendo Emulators that can be supported by your PC, Mac and Linux:

  1. Citra 3Ds Emulator

Citra can be best defined with its ensconcing characteristics – it is by far the most reliable, users’ friendly, popular program, and connects at all platforms. Since it comes with an open source, this emulator already contains Windows, operating system of Mac, and Linux. Although you might face some problem while using it, yet developers are trying hard to mend things.

  1. 3DMOO

This took birth after Citra in the hands of the team of experienced DS developers. Being another open sourcing network, its developing work was halted for some time. At present, its download option is not available. Although it does not support the operating system of Mac, yet Linux and Windows users can use it without any trouble. Everything is fine with this but with one problem. Complains have been made that it crashes often.

  1. TronDs

Well, this is a bit less popular emulator as its growth had been halted after some days of its birth. This emulator is suitable for people who are not interested in games but have to do a lot of work on the 3DS programming. Its instability is a major factor that stands as its hindrance and there has not been any update all this while.

  1. DeSmuMe

If you want to look out for something classical, DeSmuMe is the one. This was the first ever emulator developed for Windows PC. It was forged for the purpose of facilitating commercial games. Its free user provides an automatic built-in service of making nightly bulbs by your own self.

  1. No$GBA

If you are ready to pay for the upgrades, use this Nintendo emulator. The amount charged is affordable. Further, the best part of this emulator is that it is available both for Windows Vista as well as Windows XP.

  1. Neon DS

If you want an emulator that can run on any platform and support any kind of commercial game, this is the ideal one. Its compatibility is quite high and can be availed for free.

  1. iDeaS

If your PC is Windows, nothing can be better than iDeaS emulator, provided that you open with OpenGL. Load as many commercial games as you want and iDeaS will make its way.

List of best Nintendo Emulators for Android

  • ultimate x3DSx gold

If you are looking for anything superfast, this emulator is the best. It allows you to play your favored game in the android device. The best part of this emulator is that any kind of wireless controllers can be easily connected to it.

  • drastic DS emulator

It is one of the most stable emulator. It is still under steady experimentation to improve itself. Although it is still under constant experimentation, it is quite a good emulator to play all kinds of commercial as well as non-commercial games. It supports a lot of features starting from Google drive to the controllers of both hardware and software. Although it is little pricey, yet the money is worth it.

  • AseDS (NDS.EMU)

This emulator has been introduced newly to the family of Nintendo. There are some special features like custom button layouts, cheat codes, screen display and many more. While it was on its ways to the experimenting session, it proved itself as compatible to most ROMs.

  • Nds4droid

Despite being freely available in the market, this emulator is a bit older one. But you need not worry about its old age. True that it has some shortcomings developers are constantly putting their effort to develop it more and more.

  • NDS Boy! NDS emulator

This is another new born emulator to the world of Nintendo emulators. The gaming files are in sync with this emulator and provide adequate storage space as well.

  • Retro-arch

This is a bit of a complicated emulator than the ones explained above. It can be freely downloaded although there are some issues regarding its internal processes.


True that no 3D Nintendo emulator is perfect, but you can adjust with little drawbacks of a few of them. You can update the emulators as and when possible.

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