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Are you having the MI account connected with the MI smart phones? Most of the smart phones are connected with the MI for the access to the cloud services. These services include the sync of the data of the phone with the storage account. The information may include the contacts, messages, photos, videos, audios and any other data in the smart phones.

MI smart phones are getting high popularity these days. This is due to the various features that it is providing to the user. But with the advantages too, there are many disadvantages too. often we face the issue of getting the phone locked accidentally.  There are also other cases when you may worry about your phone and what to do.

In case you want to change the phone and buying a new MI phone, then you can also get the data from the cloud storage. It’s just an easy step to accomplish. Just log in to the Mi account and get the data retrieved from the storage.

But as they are not being used very frequently, so often the users forget the user id and the password or any one of them. In that case it becomes a huge problem for the data sync.

We describe the easy fix for the password forgot

So what to do?

Yes we will here share the solution for such issues with the log in credentials of the MI accounts. It is very important information as they help in retrieving data from the old account.

Now firstly we would discuss about a very common mistake of the users. How to retrieve the forgotten password of your MI account?

The normal process of getting access to the Mi account is to put the log in Id and then the password. Automatically you get the access of the account. But many a time, you may have forgotten the password or the log in ID too.

In case of forgotten password, check it with the recovery password option.

But in case of misplace of both the data, one can make use of the MI account unlock tool. But remember that should be of latest version. This account unlocks software is well supported in the following operating systems:

Windows XP/vista/7/8/8.1/10 thus all the variants of the windows are supported.

The software is very small in size and works very well in all MI enabled phone like MI note 4, Redmi Note 4, MI note Pro. and many more. Just a download of the software can change your bad experience in to a good one.

Here are some details about the software in details:

File name: MI account unlock tool

Other name: MI account bypass tool

Size of the file:4.4 Mb.

This is software which is quite useful. We understand its significance only when you accidentally d such tasks to your phone.  In case you lock your phone, it is very problematic to reset it and unlock it. Thus with the help of this software, it is not being convenient and simple too. Most of the services of the Mi cloud need the MI account details. When the credentials are not being seen then the phone is not being used by anyone.

In case you get the password misplaced, what to do?

So now get the guide of the entire software downloaded to your system. It’s simple and easy.

Follow the steps as mentioned below:

  • You will get the link of the unlock tool in the internet, download the file by clicking on the link.
  • The file that you will get after download is a zip file. Unzip the file and then run the exe files. This would help to install the tool of the software.
  • There will be instruction that need to be followed. Follow tem and agree with them. At last the set up will be finished.
  • After you accept the terms and finishes the set up, the account is successful installed in your system.

So now you can understand how much easy it is for the beginners too.

Thus it gives the chance do it and opens the old account again.

How to download and install the unlock software

Now follow these steps to operate it:

  • After the installation is done, switch off the phone and again switch it on.
  • Remember switch it on only in the recovery mode.
  • If you are not aware of the recovery mode, one has to press the volume up key and the power button simultaneously. Thus the phone will switch on to the recovery mode. After the MI logo is being displayed, ne can release the power button.
  • The MI tool need to be run and that is only on PC. This should be done by connecting the phone with the OC through a USB cable.
  • Click on the information.
  • Tap on the Bypass MI account.
  • This would automatically restart your phone.
  • Phone would get an entire reset. Finally you are done.

Thus in case you accidentally locks the phone and want to get out of issue, MI unlock software is the great choice. This would surely help you and also very fast way to recover.

If you are having the quite popular MI smart phones, then you will also find this article useful. They will help you to get the right thing for the right issue. In these days phone is integral part of our life, in case we face any issue with phone, we gets irritated and looks for the solution at every place.


After describing so many details, now it’s time to wrap up. But one thing should be kept in mind. It is better to be more concern about the phone. Getting the unlocking software is easy, but why take the risks, its better than to be more cautious about the usage.

Still we have described the entire and the detailed process of the MI unlocks tools soft ware. If you still face any issue, leave a reply on the comment box. We will surely help you as possible. If the article is useful to you, then also let us know about its usefulness. We will be very happy to get the service fruitful.

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