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Using an android device and want to get the video downloader?

YouTube is the very favorite of all. It is one of the places where anyone goes for the videos. The video choice can be anything. But one challenge is that you cannot download the YouTube videos without the video downloader. Hence we need a medium which would help us to do so.

To assist the users in the video downloading from online platform, a perfect application can be used. This one is the easiest and the simplest one to have you the videos. This YouTube downloader is best only for the Android devices.

Are you eager to know the name of the application? Well we will not make you wait any more.

Tubemate is the real mate of you when you wish to download any videos from YouTube. Here in this article, we will help you know about it and the techniques to download the application.

So you are at the perfect place if you are looking for the video downloader.

Here are some of the basic features of the Tube mate application. Let’s have a introduction with your long time mate on your device:

The publisher of the application is Devian studio which was released on June 2018. The latest version of the application is The category under which you can find the application is the MP3 and audio software. The operating system which is being supported by it is the android and the suitable version is the Android 2.3. The size of the file is very small- 8.08 MB. The apps is available free of any cost and has no such limitations.  So isn’t it a great application which allows you to get any video online? Well who says “NO”. No one, right?

Here are the numbers of benefits which are supported by the app

Now get the pros of the Tubemate apps that can help you in various ways:

  1. It is a video downloader that can download the video directly on your phone or the device having the android operating system. They save it on your SD card and one can watch it at anytime later on.
  2. You can select the video quality of your choice. But that quality should be supported by your phone or the device too. Otherwise it would not be applicable. It also supports the 4K and FPS video captured on the Go Pros devices
  3. It has a different resolution which is being adapted for different android applications.
  4. It is totally free of cost and anyone can get it.
  5. No highly complex downloading and installation technique.
  6. No read to read instruction to operate the apps too.
  7. For the convenience of the users from different parts of the world, it is available in 34 languages.
  8. The downloading is quite fast.
  9. It is having special mode which can use more than one internet connections.
  10. One can push online video downloading process. This allows to be used in the android smart phones and other such devices.
  11. Multiple files can be downloaded at the same time.
  12. Conversion of the video format from one format to another is easily done by the tube mate. This is being supported by the original MP3media converter.
  13. Online videos can be watched on the application without even opening the YouTube too. Just search the video and watch it.
  14. Are you having a slower connection of internet, choose the low quality download. At least you can have the video on your phone and enjoy it later.
  15. Different video hosting sites can be used for the video downloading.
  16. Have an eye of the progress of the download that is on progress. It is shown on the notification bar. One can also pause or stop the download process in case they need to do so. It is very easy and convenient too. just a click and it can be paused or stopped
  17. Make customized playlist and arrange them as you like to have. This playlist can be made according to your wish and desire.
  18. The latest version is also having HTML5 bug fix. This is the addition to the new version of the tube mate application.
  19. No disturbance of the ads in the latest one. To get this you have to download the latest version.
  20. Love to watch the podcast videos? Well the Tube mate can actually help you in getting on the application. It can also be converted to the MP3 and MP4 format and enjoy them.

Have you overlooked any point above? Well don’t do so, you may have missed one of the most interesting and useful advantage of the Tubemate.

So get are look at those awaited features of the video downloader app.

The main challenge with the application

Let’s get back to another side of the coin. We will also give you an idea about the cons that the app is having:

After discussing this in so details, you may have an idea that it is only having advantages. But one challenge that is faced by the Tube Mate is that they are the friend of only android. Other than android, other users cannot take it as their mate. In the World Wide Web it is found as the third party application. This is the only drawback of this beautiful software useful for the video downloader.


So after looking at the details of the software, you can now have a solution for your video downloading. The apps are so small that it would not create any pressure on your devices. Hence download it and get it in your device right now. Also share the favorite video on your facebook, twitter, instagram and any other social media platform. You will not require any manual to operate the app. Just follow the steps and then you can easily use it on your phone.  So what are you waiting for? Just open the link and get it done. Look for the link of the Tubemate, easily available on the online and install the app.

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