*Latest* WhatsApp Dare Games (2018) Truth Questions, Messages with Answers


 What you can do in Whatsapp? Well you may get connected with your known friends and relatives.

But do you know that there are many other things to do on Whatsapp?

Yes, we will help you today to have more fun with your friends and relatives on Whatsapp. There are many fun games which you can play at any time.

Remember that very popular game truth and dare? Well who will forget such in an interesting game?

So we have brought that very old game to Whatsapp age with the old vibe in new way. It’s a fun game and time spending game too. Well everybody will participate in it and gets a quality time spend with the family and friends. There are different categories of the dare games and here we share some of them:

Here are the different games that can be played on whatsapp

Look at them and choose the game which you find interesting or play all of them.

Best dare game 2018

The best Whatsapp dare game of the year 2018 are:

  1. Choose a number from below and I will send a dare for you.

1 2 3 4 5

  • Use my photo on your Whatsapp DP
  • Propose me
  • Tell the name of your GF/BF
  • What do you like most in me
  • Are you single or commited.

Game to be played on new year

  1. Choose a sign and I will tell you how will be your year 2018.

@ % & * > ?

  • @ you will meet your school friend
  • % you will get a hug from your enemy
  • & a big surprise from your family
  • * you will have a new pet
  • > get your dream job
  • ? your GF / BF will ditch you.

Play this one on the new year so that you can tell them about the year.

Games for crush to play

If you are having crush on someone, well play this game and know about the feelings. It’s dam easy one.

  1. Fill it up:
  • What’s name on your phone
  • Which photo is being set as the caller ID
  • Which photo of mine
  • Do your admire most on your phone.
  • What is the name of the file where all my photos are saved
  • First impression about me
  • One word that describes me.
  • Do you trust me
  • The nickname you want to give me

take challenges and play it

Love to have challenges in life, then play this dare games:

  1. Do you accept the challenge of mine? Then choose a number.

1 2 3 4 5

  • 1- Send me all the Emoji in the Whatsapp.
  • 2- send me a video of yours singing the song “4 baj geye lekin party abhi baki ha
  • 3- says the name of the 2nd prime minister of India
  • 4- say to mom that you love me
  • 5- no challenge for you as you are my BFF.

Funny dare games

Now have some fun with the dare games:

  1. Select any sign and that would tell your partner’s character:

// ?? \\ || —

  • //- partner will be a aloving person and will irritate you with loads of loves
  • ??- a confused partner who will be always asking you question
  • \\- the partner will never let you work and will do everything on themselves
  • ||- a straight forward one who will never bend
  • — – always smiles and never cry( even when you are angry and fighting).

A game for your lover to play with

Want to have some fun with your love. So here are they

  1. If you love me, then answer the following dare questions
  • How much you love me? Express it with the emojis
  • What will you say if I go out for long day.
  • Propose me in a new style
  • Dedicate me a song which you
  • Flirt me if I was not your crush.

Whats app color game

  1. Choose one color and I will dare you

red, blue, green, yellow, pink

  • Red- don’t talk with your partner for 24 hours
  • Blue- delete the name of your partner from the phone
  • Green- use the partner’s photo on the DP
  • Pink- send 100 I love you message to your partner.

Puzzle game on whatsapp

  1. Find out if there is anything wrnog in the following:

















  • Great, have you found anything… may be not.. well the question is not wrong, it’s the spelling of the wrong which is wrong.

Game on whatspp to play with friends

  1. Choose a three digit number and I can tell you about you

000 111 222 333 444 555

  • 000- proudy
  • 111- down to earth
  • 222- very caring and loving
  • 333- sexy
  • 444- hard worker
  • 555- lazy

Whatsapp slam book

  1. Here is a Whatsapp slam book for you.
  • You are my?
  • How do you know me?
  • From when we are friend?
  • You thought about me?
  • Most irritating thing I have done with you?
  • Most caring task I have done with you?
  • Name of your first crush
  • The thing you want to change about me.

Naughty game on whatsapp

Be a little naughty with your friends. Here is a naughty game:

  1. Select any one and do what I tell you:

10 11 12 13 14 15

  • 10 – you have to take out rupees 10 from your mom’s purse
  • 11 – cheat any of your friend for 24 hours
  • 12- write as many as slang language you know to your crush
  • 13- tell your partner “ I hate you”
  • 14- tell your MOM and Dad that you want to marry soon.
  • 15- drink two glass of water within 20 seconds.

Choosing alphabet game

  1. Choose the alphabet and know about the situation


  • C-chocolate, so you are very sweet and handsome too
  • P- pizza, you are having sweet and salty nature both
  • R- rose, you love everyone
  • B- Burger, you are big in size.

So let’s play and have fun with the friends and relatives.

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