Comparium : Automated Website Testing Tool

Comparium is an amazing tool that effortlessly performs the cross-web testing. Website developers must have this tool so that they can test it on different platforms. The website platforms like macOS, Linux, and windows. The web page reliability and performance play a major role in attracting the clients and buyers for making the business popular in a short period and this will help your business to reach new heights. Comparium Tool Works With Internet Explorer For Mac And With Almost All Other Browser With the help of this tool, you can check how your website looks like in every browser.

How Comparium Function?

To navigate Comparium’s official website you have to follow certain steps:

I- In the designated field, enter the client’s URL

Ii- choose an operating system and any browser of your choice

Iii-select all of them in one go and hit the test button

IV-Once the testing completes, the results are populated on a new page in which you will see a list of screenshots arranged in rows.

V-Server errors and unsupported configurations are marked in grey to help you identify the limitations with certain OS and browser configurations.


Features of the Comparium:

1- Different web browsers and platforms are supported by Comparium:

Comparium has come up with the first version and also with a wide variety of functionality. The customers used the following browser like Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari and many more so that they can explore their website. You can get the best results and check the compatibility with the help of the tools. This will you reach your customers directly and also helps to access the website. Only you have to do is submit your URL and leave it on the Comparium it will do its job.

2- Allows you to test online:

Comparium will allow you to test online as this will save your efforts and time you don’t have to wait for the process .just enter the URL choose an operating system or browser once you are done with this then click on the test button.  You can easily send it to the person who you want to send once the screenshots and reports are generated online. The screenshots will be spent directly on the owner. Once the test is completed results and on the new page, the screenshots will appear. This allows you to check the changes that have been made on site.

3- Different platforms are supported by the Comparium:

Comparium performs flawless web testing on any website like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox. Therefore its first version will allow you to do web testing on popular operating systems and different web browsers. The different operating systems supported by this app are:

High sierra

Mac OS X Mojave


Windows 10, 7

Hence, on any of these platforms, you can be able to do cross browsing test. Sometimes it will become impossible for you to check every browser on any platform as they are so many versions for one single browser. Hence, it becomes difficult when we test it manually.


4- Save your time and money:

To do another work and increase production one can easily save their time and money only with the help of highly advanced applications for testing the website. Then you don’t have to visit a different site. You need to submit the mail address for this application and after some time, you can go and collect the result. Finally, you are ready to make some changes if it is required and for the production, you can get a consistent website.

5- Price of the tool:

The first thing that comes into people’s minds is to ask about this tool is what the price to test this website is and the good news is this tool’s first version offers you to check the website for free and remove all the issues.


To sum up we learned that this cross-website testing tool is quite helpful for everyone as you don’t have to check the website one by one thus you can check its compatibility. This tool will allow saving your time so that you don’t need to sit and wait for hours for the process. The version of this tool makes user-friendly checking.

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