How to Increase WiFi Speed on Android and Internet Download Speed?


Do you face the problem of speed using an android phone? Does it take a longer time for your phone to download stuffs? This is the major issue with a lot of devices. No one has the time now to wait for hours only because of an image or some document. Is there any cure to this problem? Of course there is. If technology can be swift to invent so many gadgets, it can also bring out solutions to problem arising in the gadgets.

In this genre of smartphones and the rapid use of internet, your phone’s speed depends on the condition of your phone, the speed that your phone’s internet can support as well as the internet speed of your phone. Therefore, if you have to make your phone speedy and rush it all the time, you need to take care of the speed of the phone. Through this article, you will be taught ways and means to increase the speed of the wifi connection. Also, you will come to know the steps to be undertaken to increase the speed of the internet in your android device.

Owning a smartphone without the facility of mobile data is like talking to a dead body. The working of a Smartphone’s major portion is dependent on the internet. When everything is dependent on the internet what will you do with a slow speed of the internet connection? You have no other option but either to throw it or wait for hours. Honestly, if you are residing in India, you cannot expect to have the fastest speed in the internet. That does not mean your phone will lag behind. Let us check into some innovative ways to heighten the speed of the internet to download stuffs in your android phone.

Basically, the speed of your phone’s internet is dependent on not just one factor but a lot of factors. So, to increase the speed of the internet in your android device you have to read this article till the end and know the methods to it.

How can you increase the speed of WiFi on an android device?

There are a lot of tricks devised that can be used to increase the speed of Wifi of your android phone. Precisely, there are two ways – either you can use some special apps that have been launched to increase the speed of wifi or there are some tasks that you have to perform manually.

What are the apps that can increase wifi speed in an android?

  • WiFi | Mobile Network Speed

This is a wonderful app that is sure to increase the speed of your phone’s internet connection. With the help of this app you can get hold of the best speed, best wifi connection, it cleans up your phone’s channel of wifi connection. For a better understanding you can carry out a comparative study of the wifi with cellular net app speed. With this app, you can check the expenses of your mobile data.

  • WiFi Booster & Analyzer

This tool is used to analyze mobile data as well as wifi. After the analyzing is done, it boosts up the internet speed of your mobile phone. It holds the following features:

  • Showcases the strength of your wifi connection and its informations.
  • Its manual is provided to the users so that you can check where your device is leading to and examine the result of the wifi sped.
  • It notifies you about the wireless hotspot connections if available nearby.
  • Also, it keeps on monitoring and analyzing the speed of the internet connection so that you can be sure that you are dealing with the fastest internet speed.

Test the speed of your internet download

Recently, a lot of ways and means have been developed to test the speed required for downloading stuffs in your phone. These websites give you a detailed account rather the approx value of the speed for downloading and uploading.

Do not confuse your downloading speed with the surfing speed. Both are not the same. Besides checking your internet downloading speed with the help of various websites, you must try out to buffer few videos. This will give you a detailed knowledge of how swiftly your internet is working or whether it is working fast or not.

One of the best website for checking the speed of internet is the After you click on to this link, select ‘begin test’. This will initiate the test. Besides, there is also Okla Speed Test, an app available in the Google Play Store.

Measures to increase internet speed

The primary thing that you need to do is go to the settings option in your phone. Then click on the option ‘wireless and networks’. A pop-up menu will appear. Find out ‘GPRS transfer prefer’ and click on it. Now, alter from ‘call prefer’ to ‘data prefer’. This will increase the internet speed of your phone as well as the wifi connection will be enhanced.

  • Clear android phone cache: because of lack of cache memory, android phones tend to slow down. Cache memory of every phone has a limit. Therefore, when it gets filled up, your phone slows down. It is better to clean up cache at regular intervals.
  • Running unwanted apps: most of the time, you tend to keep apps dormant. You think that you are not using the app so it is not consuming the battery. But the fact is if the dormant app is run by internet, it slows down the internet speed. Uninstall apps that are no longer in use.
  • Right browser selection: the best options for browsers are UC Browser and Mini Opera. These two have high rate of data transferring capability. You can compare it with other.
  • Use 3G or 4G networks: even though you recharge for 2G connection, change the network to 3G or 4G. This will enable you to slightly boost up the internet speed.

Besides, you can also increase network signal with Android app, and manage permission to access data for other apps. See whatever is comfortable to you and undertake any one measure.

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