Download Xender 3.4.0119 APK free for window 7/8/10


Looking for an app which would help you for file transfer? The file sharing can be a very difficult process if not known properly. It’s not a very easy one to operate. But there are apps which can actually help you to simplify the task.

Xender app is the data transfer app which is used for the file transfer between the one systems to another. The system can be a smart phone or a PC. But both of them uses different app for each of them. We will let you know about Xender in a more detailed manner.

The Xender app particularly for the PC uses the Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi signal is used to make the transfer possible in any devices. Thus even without the Bluetooth based file transfer there is also other ways to make it possible.

Xender APK interesting features are

Let’s have a look at the attractive features of the Xender:

  1. Firstly the Xender for the PC is totally free software. They are available at any app stores.
  2. Platform independent has made it more acceptable by users too. thus file transfer can be done between Xender for android to iOS or windows or even for Blackberry.
  3. It also allows sharing files and data among various devices at any interface or wire. Thus the file sharing is completely wire-less.
  4. When compared to other file sharing app, the speed of Xender matches no one.
  5. Very simple and easy to connect to any devices. The device should have this application and both the device should have the Xender too.
  6. The option of “Connect PC” can help you to connect smart phones with the computer/laptop.
  7. Sharing is the only feature that Xender can make everything possible.
  8. Best feature is that no internet connection is required for the sharing.
  9. Xender has 20 languages in it.
  10. With the help of this file sharing app, any format of the videos or audio can be sent. Types of file supported are mp3, mp4, .jpg, apk, docs and contacts.

Here are some more added features which has been included later on.

  1. Xender has included a video player. Here you can easily play the video that you receive. So no need to have any other external app to play the video.
  2. The data which are sent and received can be analyzed by the file manager of the Xender.
  3. The best feature included is the smart phone You can transfer the files form old device to new devices. The transferred data can be contact, videos,  music’s etc.
  4. The version has been updated to 3.4.0119with new added privacy policy.
  5. New login for the account is given
  6. Minor bug fixation is also being done
  7. Transfer chart has been added
  8. Optimization of the user interface.

If you have not downloaded the Xender for your PC still now, then we will help you.

How to install and setup Xender app

Download the Xender using the bluestack. This won’t require any other additional software. Follow the process and get it done within minutes:

  1. Bring all the devices to be used in the same network with the wi-fi. Make use of the mobile devices like the smart phone to install the latest version of the Xender.
  2. The “xender android” has to be connected with the PC. Click on the send button. You will see “connect to PC” and click on the button.
  3. Go to any browser on the PC to open the on the address bar. Now you will see the QR scan code on the desktop. Open the Xender app on the phone and click the connect button with the PC.
  4. Scan the QR code with the phone and then start using the Xender on the windows PC. This does not require any kind of other additional software.
  5. You can also view the Xender icon in your PC

So it’s really simple and does not require any kind of software for its installation.

This is only for the windows PC with the Blue stack. The installation can also be done by the Andy too.

  1. Download the Andyoid or the Youwave from the official website. This would help to run the Xender in your PC or laptop.
  2. The similar ways should be followed after it as we have told in the bluestack. The difference between the two is the application and not the process. Both the processes are same.

Besides you can also download it for PC with the MAC. This can be done using the Ipadian or the iOS emulator. The iPadian has to be downloaded from its official site. Then the Xender software can be installed in the PC. Thus the ways is also very simple too. Follow it and get it done if you are having the MAC PC.

Xender app which is supported by the PC has numerous supported language. Those language are as follows:

English, Arabic, Bengali, chinese traditional and simplified both, greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, malay, Thai, Turkish, Hindi, Russian, German, Portugese, Spanish, French, Vietemese, etc. so anyone around the world can make it useful.


Xender is software which has changed the notion of the file transfer now. It’s a free application where everything can be shared easily and without any failure. The Wi-Fi direct technology is being used in the Xender software which makes the sharing very easy and simple.

It is also considered as the best file sharing option when the file size is large. Also it is quite speedy than the Bluetooth. So forget about the Bluetooth haring where you can get Xender so easily. Also Xender can be used to create a hotspot. This hotspot won’t make use of the data storage. Thus this makes file transfer much easier. Now the market is having no competitor with the Xender app. Just do according to the set up instructions and have the app on your PC. It’s all about sharing. And Xender made the sharing experience to another level.

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