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Are you an Android mobile user? If yes, then this article is meant for you. Lucky Patcher 7.2.5 APK is one amazing app that will help you to get the whole control over your app and games that you have downloaded in a mobile phone. You may find hundreds od app in Google Play Store. An Android user may download these any number of apps from Play store. But all these apps are not free.  As such you may not be able to use some of the apps that are essential for you. But here in this article, we have shown how this problem can be resolved. The latest version of Lucky Patcher 7.2.5 APK will help you to get the control of all the apps and games that are available in your Android mobile by getting free-in-app purchase.

Importance of Lucky Patcher 7.2.5 APK Latest Version

In this article, we are going to introduce the latest version of Lucky Patcher 7.2.5 APK that has some excellent features which every Android user will require. Another excellent feature of this app is that it helps you to remove the Google apps that automatically appear and irritates you. You will also be able to change the permission setting of the app, keep the back up of your app, get free in-app purchase and you can do many other such thigs.

The best thing about his Lucky Patcher 7.2.5 APK Latest Version is that it also works well with a non-rooted smartphone. But if a user has a rooted Android device then he may get the opportunity to enjoy the maximum benefits of the app.

Features of the Latest Version of Lucky Patcher7.2.5 APK

There are many amazing features of Lucky Patcher7.2.5 APK which are very essential for Android users. Some of these features are as follows:

  • Blocking Google Ads

Google Ads are very annoying. It is very irritating when you are doing something very important and the Google Ads appears all of a sudden. Lucky Patcher7.2.5 APK has come up with the facility of blocking this annoying Google ad.

  • Free In-App Purchase

Another best thing about Lucky Patcher7.2.5 APK is that it permits the Android user to get free in-app purchase in various games as well as apps. You may have come across with a situation where you have a shortfall of coins due to which you are not being able to play your games further. But now with Lucky Patcher7.2.5 APK, you will not fall in this type of situation any more. With Lucky Patcher7.2.5 APK you will no longer require to pay for coins, boost, gems and other resources that are required while you play games in your Android mobile.

  • Removing License Verification

Sometime while playing an online game, you may have found that it shows errors and ask you to go for license verification. Lucky Patcher7.2.5 APK has come up with such a facility for the Android mobile user that they will never get any such error while paying games. Lucky Patcher7.2.5 APK is so powerful app that it removes the requirement of removing the license from various apps and games.

  • Removing Bloatware

It is seen that an Android user use to download a lot of app in his mobile and do not use it for a longer time. They even do not uninstall the app when they do not use them. Sometimes it is also seen that removing an app becomes very difficult for an Android user. Lucky Patcher7.2.5 APK is an amazing app which has an excellent feature to forcibly remove the pre-installed app from the Android device. However, after Lucky Patcher7.2.5 APK removed the pre-installed app you need to reboot your mobile device for its proper functioning.

  • Custom Patches

Lucky Patches 7.2.5 APK also plays a vital role in activating the pro-features of apps. There are many custom patches that actually can change the features of games and Lucky Patches 7.2.5 APK can handle that through its custom patches features.

Steps to install Lucky Patcher 7.2.5 in your Android mobile

It is not too hard to install Lucky Patches 7.2.5 APK. In fact, installing and running Lucky Patches 7.2.5 APK is very easy. The following are the steps which you need to follow for installing Lucky Patches 7.2.5 APK in your mobile device:

Step 1: Go to the security setting of your Android mobile and enable the unknown sources of your mobile device, as shown in Figure 1:

                                                                      Figure 1: Enabling the unknown sources

Step 2: Browse the downloaded Lucky Patches 7.2.5 APK and install it.

You may get an error message “Install anyway (Unsafe)”. Ignore the message and tap on OK button.

Then Lucky Patches 7.2.5 APK will be installed automatically on your mobile device.

Professional Guidance on how to use Lucky Patcher v7.2.5 Android App

Installing Lucky Patches 7.2.5 APK is not enough, you must know how to use it. The following are a step-by-step process which helps you use Lucky Patches 7.2.5 APK efficiently:

Step 1: Open Lucky Patches 7.2.5 APK app and tap on the app that you want to patch. In Figure 2, we have selected uTorrent app:

                                                                               Figure 2: Selecting uTorrent app

Step 2: Click on Open Menu of Patches as shown in Figure 2.

Step 3: Tap on Create Modified APK file as shown in Figure 3.


                                                                Figure 3: Tapping on Create Modified APK file

Step 4: Tap on Apk rebuilt for InApp and LVL emulation as shown in Figure 4.

                                      Figure 4: Tapping on Apk rebuilt for InApp and LVL emulation

Step 5: Click on Rebuild The App and then you have to wait for a few second as shown in Figure 5.

                                                                         Figure 5: Clicking on Rebuild the App

Then the app will show whether the patch was successfully applied or not.

Step 6: Tap on Go to File if it is successfully applied as shown in Figure 6.

                                                                               Figure 6. Tapping on Go to File

Step 7: Tap on the file and select Uninstall and Install option as shown in Figure 7.

                                                                     Figure 7. Selecting Uninstall and Install

Then the app will ask you to uninstall the installed app.

Step 8: Tap on OK.

Step 9: Open the Modified app that you have already installed in the previous steps and click on Upgrade to Pro option.

Then a pop-up menu will appear as shown in Figure 8.

                                                                                    Figure 8. Pop-up menu

Step 10: Click on Yes

This is all that you had to do. You will now be able to get all the benefits of uTorrent. A congratulation message will appear as shown in Figure 9.


                                                                           Figure 9: Congratulation message

How much Safe it is to Use Lucky Patcher APK?

The most important question that every user has in their mind is that whether the use of Lucky Patcher APK is safe or not. It should have mentioned that Lucky Patcher APK is illegal in some countries and if your government allow to use it then there is no issue with using it. However, it decreases the revenue for several apps and that is the reason why this app is not encouraged. But the app does not collect sensitive data from the user and is totally safe regarding the security issues.

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