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Top 5 Free tools to download YouTube videos

The popularity of video streaming websites is on continuous rise. There are a number of video sharing websites present on the internet but YouTube continues to dominate the market. The website started in the year 2005 and is currently owned by Google. The videos present on YouTube are not only entertaining but you can also find educational and informative videos there. One of the common problems faced by YouTube users is the task of downloading the videos. This post discusses top 5 free tools to download YouTube videos.

YouTubeDownloader HD

With the help of YouTubeDownloader HD, you can download any YouTube video in few minutes. Once the video is saved on your system, you can convert it into other formats like AVI or MP4. This downloader allows you to download the HD video too. The best thing about this downloader is that it is very easy to use and you can start the download with a single click. Moreover, the downloader is safe to use and thus you can install it without any problem.

iFunia YouTube Downloader

Most of the developers focus on downloader that can be used on windows operating system only. But iFunia YouTube downloader can be used by Mac users. It also has a number of innovative features like support of different formats and the option to download HD videos.

Orbit Downloader

One of the most commonly used YouTube downloader is Orbit. It is used by thousands of people worldwide. The unique feature of this tool is that it can be used on other video streaming websites as well. In addition to YouTube, it can also be used for downloading videos from websites like Dailymotion and Pandora. The tool is completely free and supports windows operating systems.


Using this tool, videos can be nabbed from their urls. This is useful in a situation when you do not have any access to the main administrator account on the system. There is no need to install clipnabber for downloading the YouTube videos. All you have to do is to copy the url and then paste it on the tool. Thereafter, you have to choose the format in which you want to download the video. This is a very handy tool for people who have to work on multiple computers. This is because of the fact that Clipnabber eliminates the headache of installing the software before using. Another useful feature of this free toll is that it shows the currently popular videos and you can choose from those trending videos. This saves your time in searching for latest popular videos.

Javimoya Flash Downloader

There are two ways to use the Javomoya Flash downloader. You can visit the website, enter the url of the YouTube video and click on download. Another option is to download it is an extension so that you need not visit the official website gain and again. Just like the Clipnabber downloader this tool also creates a list of popular videos.

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