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How to get a massive Social Media fan base fast

No matter who you are, having a massive social media fan base goes a long way. It is something that most of us desire as it introduces us to new opportunities while also pushing us up in the social hierarchy simultaneously.

Social media has built the career of millions of people and continues to do so as we stand. People have started to notice and everyone now wants in on the action. But how does one build a massive social media fan base without spending millions of dollars for promotion? Here are a few tips you can follow:

  1. Have a plan

The strategy is key for the growth of any social media account. It makes sure that you are placing all your eggs in the right basket instead of randomly swinging with no results.

To build a good strategy, you must start gathering information from social media accounts around you. Look at your friends’ accounts, see what they are doing that doing to build their fan base. Check what popular content creators around you are involved in to gain followers. Research in every area possible while taking notes for every useful information. Once you’ve written enough, come up with a plan.

  1. Post Valuable Content

Content that is valuable to your audience will never fail. It will not only keep your current fans engaging but will also help you gain new followers thanks to shared impressions.

The idea is to bring educational or entertainment-based value to your audience. Post funny memes that fit your genre, something you feel might do well with your audience. Post infographics or similar informational content that spreads knowledge and also proves your intelligence in the platform. If you can provide value to your audience, you are bound to grow no  matter where your starting point is.

  1. Be Consistent 

Regular updates are always appreciated by followers. Therefore, if you wish to build a big social media account, you must be consistent in terms of posting on the account. Consistency might also give you a better reach as your content is more likely to be seen from the plethora of posts your followers are flooded with daily.

Consistency is also required while interacting with your audience as they want to follow people who not only give them content but also sees them as a valuable asset. If you consistently reply to your audience’s comments and messages, they are more likely to stay loyal to you and not switch to a more consistent competitor.

  1. Spread it out

When it comes to social media platforms, there are tons of them with millions of active users. Now, you might be looking to build your profile on only one of those but using multiple platforms to your advantage can be of great help. But how does using multiple accounts work if you can’t grow one?

Using multiple social media platforms expands your potential audience as you are able to reach accounts from multiple areas instead of actively trying to push for one. All you need to do here is to stay active on all your accounts and make sure that all of them are interconnected. While this may not always work but it is definitely worth trying. 

  1. Try interactive games 

Everybody loves games and well… free stuff! If you are looking to attract a lot of people to your account in a short span of time, doing interactive games with rewards and giveaways is something that might be worth trying.

It is likely that your current fan base will engage into the games and in most cases also share them with people around them. These rewards might give you a financial hit but are worth it in the long run as it creates a buzz for your channel and could bring a hefty number of followers.


Growing a Social Media account from scratch can be tough, especially on a low budget. We all aim to reach a massive fan base but it can’t be done if you don’t travel on the right path. This is why we have come up with our personalized list of the 5 best ways to get a massive Social Media fan base fast.

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