How the Hiwe App is Reinventing Social Media Platforms


Hiwe Concept

Chatting platforms have become so sophisticated and complex these days that they have lost that simple touch that made them all so appealing.

In an effort to restore the glory days back into conventional social interactions, Hiwe tears up the rules book and gives users a taste of the good old days when interwebs conversations weren’t bogged down by numerous intricacies and the main objective was to engage and entertain.

It perfectly coins the use of images, location-based messaging and plain texts to ensure talks are candid, natural and endearing.


Hiwe is available for both Android and iOS platforms and as such can be found on both of the respective app stores. With regards to its functionalities, you can look forward to the following features:

  1. A Facebook-esque home section availing various interesting memos (captioned pictures on all manner of topics) from various people in your location and around the world.
  2. The ability to create your own memos on subjects that tickle your fancy thereby attracting friends with similar interests who you are sure to kick it off with. You can also create or join a chatroom.
  3. Notifications on topics from memos you have commented on and others that might be intriguing to you.
    Plenty of languages to choose from including native dialects of Slovenia, Czech Republic and English(UK, US, Alaska, Ireland, Australia, and Canada)
  4. Private talk feature which enables secure and instant messaging between two users who would like to keep off the public spotlight.
  5. Search panel functionality that lets you look up other users also on Hiwe.
  6. GPS feature that gives you alerts about potential friends around you.How it works:You first of all need to sign up for a new account from the blue home screen once you download the app. After keying in your preferred email and password you’ll be taken to a subsequent page requiring further personal information including age and gender among others.

Once logged in, you can view memos from other users via the home icon or tap on the plus symbol at the opposite end to create your own images.

The interface is split into various other areas including notification, private talks, search and profile which can all be accessed via a drop-down menu on the top left corner.

What Hiwe is uniquely different?

What makes Hiwe stands out a lot is undoubtedly its subtle yet enthralling simplicity that ensures fast, real-time and engaging communication.

Its straight-to-the-point approach to social interactions is very welcomed while its concept of image-derived and location-based conversations is as winsome as it is enthralling.

It might not be as extravagant as popular chatting apps of these days, but it wins many hearts and is a commendable application in its own right.

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