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How to Create Effective Instagram Strategy?


Our Instagram strategy should be as much about preparation and research as implementation. When you know what you want to do and how to measure success, you can more easily determine if your campaigns are working and adjust them when they aren’t as effective as you’d hoped. Flexibility in your strategy also helps you deal with the unexpected. Consider these tips to maximize your time, minimize effort and see the greatest return on your investment.

  1. Assess your Instagram Needs

Before starting your campaign, you should do some research. A survey will let you know where consumers or readers are spending their time online, which indicates where you should focus your attention. Take the time to see how successful your current activity is working and where you want to be, instead. List any successes you might achieve along the way and help you to better measure those successes with metrics tools like Instagram Insights.

Determine your goals, whether it’s sales, loyalty or awareness about your company. Each will have a different path for your Instagram tone and interaction. Although the three concepts do overlap, you might find your campaign is more successful when you focus on just one aspect. For example, loyalty is all about interacting with fans, while you’ll measure click-through and conversion rates. Finally, determine your awareness success with traffic and social sharing numbers than sales.

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  1. Social Customer Service

Once a company joins a social network, consumers will tend to use that service as a method of customer service. This is especially true if your traditional customer service routes are frustrating, broken or simply nonexistent. Be prepared to provide customer support on the spot and in a transparent way, even if you’re just offering a direct email address to your sales or billing department.

  1. Think like you are User:

Successful promotion of your brand with social networks requires you to have content that visitors want to share. If your blog posts or website updates are always informative and come off as bland, consider adding something entertaining. Lists, how-to posts, humorous stories and infographics and share it on Instagram too. Consider buying real quality Instagram likes to make viral your posts.

Use current events, whether local or international, to tie your company or products into the lives of your readers in a way that appeals to them. Interact with your visitors to make your website a memorable experience. Ultimately, you must focus on what’s valuable for your users and not just self-focused or intended to manipulate your rankings in the search results of Instagram.

  1. Identify Social Actions Generating the Most Traffic:

If you own a website and use Instagram marketing to drive traffic, then you are probably familiar with seeing Facebook or Twitter as referral traffic in your Google Analytics account. If you run an Instagram marketing campaign, this can push users to your website. As much as you may be able to know where most traffic came from, it is important to know the tweets or posts that generated this traffic.

What Instagram strategies you are applying? Share your experiences with us through comments.

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