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Social Media Listening From NetBase Can Provide A Glimpse Into The Future And Much More


So, What Is Social Media Listening All About?

Social listening is an overlooked aspect of social media marketing and brand management. The crux of listening is that you listen to what customers are saying on various social media channels. By listening in to what people are saying, you get an idea of why there is a particular sentiment behind a product or ad.

The main idea behind social media listening is to get to the root cause of what is causing a positive, negative, or no response at all on social media applications. In comparison, Social media monitoring is just like data gathering. Monitoring tells you what is happening and what the sentiment is. It does not delve deeper than that, though. This is why social listening is needed to be successful and effective on social media.

How Do You Engage In Social Media Listening?

Listening is a crucial part of the communication process. Without it, we would not understand what the other person is trying to communicate and why they feel the way they do. This same idea applies when listening to social media. Social listening involves simply listening to what your customers are saying and then trying to piece together why they are saying those things.

Often times, we can easily identify a problem behind negative feedback just by listening. Most people will readily tell you what made their experience good or bad if you just listen to them. A company or brand can easily do this by just encouraging customers to share their good, bad, or even everyday experiences.

What Are The Benefits To Using Social Media Listening As Part Of An Overall Brand Strategy? 

You can get a mountain of data into what is working within your company and what is not by listening on what is being said on social media. For example, it is easy to see that a lot of negative reactions to a new food item on a menu may be a sign that this item may not be very popular. In such cases, it may be a good idea to remove that item or try and rework that recipe, so it gets better feedback.

Social listening can also turn a negative situation into a positive one. For example, a customer describes a bad experience he had with an item bought at a store. The store can listen to the customer and encourage him to share what went wrong. This customer can vent his frustration and can also reveal what the issue could be. Management can use this info to correct such problems and a potential customer is retained.

Social Media Listening As A Tool To Peer Into The Future:

Trends can take off rapidly in the world of social media. An explosion of positive views, mentions, and videos of a brand item may signal that this item will be a best seller. This will give you a heads up that you may need to ramp up production. Social listening can also give you a major heads up that a campaign is heading in the wrong direction and that you need to stop or tweak it.

Utilizing Social Media Listening Tools To Your Advantage:

There are a lot of tools available at your disposal to help you manage your social media strategy. NetBase is a leading social media analytics company that makes listening in to what is being said about your brand on social media easy. Their tools let you quickly see which terms are getting positive responses and which are not. They also offer insightful reports and easy to navigate graphics so that you can easily comprehend your brand’s image on social media channels. Use listening tools from companies such as NetBase to save time, improve social media marketing campaigns, and help plan for long term strategic goals.

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