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It is an open secret that “the money is in the list”. Yes, I know, I know … You’ve heard that before.

However, this does not change the fact that, indeed, the money is in the list! Cannot ignore this, so if you want to make money online in a serious way, and create your own business, you need to start building your list from today.

And although you may not have a list, you have probably heard about what the process for creating one. Create your own product or someone to create it for you, create a landing page, start generating traffic to that page, and give the product as an incentive for people to subscribe.

In short, this is the process. But while building your list, you also have to build relationships with your subscribers. “But how can one connect and build relationships with your list?”

Marketing List

1. Deliver Content of High Value

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One way is to deliver high-value content. If continuously deliver valuable content, people will notice and get them to notice you. For example, if you have a product worth $ 50, give it for free. Yes, you read that right – FREE! Get people to subscribe to your list, and do not cost much money.

Again, again … “The money is in the list”

I am not referring to the process of getting people to subscribe to your list. That’s the difference. Because you have to do is focus on building relationships, before even thinking of making some money. Take it slow, take your time and build your list every day.

2. Not Afraid To Sell Stuff

That said, you can make some money, and at the same time strengthen your relationship. And if you ask me if this is the best way to build a list, in my opinion, YES. -Not for the money you’re going to do, because at the beginning it will not be much, but by the type of subscribers you have on your list.

Let me explain…

Instead of (or in addition to) create a product that is worth $ 50 and give it for free on your landing page (landing page), you can, for example, create a new product that is worth $ 200, and sell it as only $ 27. Again get the attention of people because they will not believe the kind of value you’ve given them for only $ 27!

So, once again, begin to connect and build relationships with your list, and probably will want to stay on your list for more valuable content and product offerings. And that’s great when you’re an online seller!

Another thing that most people do not think too much, is to build your list so you can stay in touch with people who are willing to spend money, and buy things that might help. That is, you will have a proven client list, which is one of the most profitable assets you may have.

Good luck with your list!

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