Download UC Browser10.10.8.820 Apk For Windows 7/8/10


Are you a geek who cannot think of a moment without internet?

Well me too. But there is few number of people who are not so. Mostly every one of us is always connected to the World Wide Web.

With such a frequent usage, the connection of the web needs to be shifted from the desktop to the palm top and the mobile devices. A good browser to get an instant search is also essential.

For the browser, recently people are talking about the UC browser. Have you heard about it?

Well if not, then this is the right place to let you about it. UC browser is available for every platform- windows PC desktop or laptop, MAC OS.

It is one of the web browser commonly used by the web searchers, it has been developed by the Chinese internet company. Once it was getting its competition with the Google chrome over the mobile devices. But recent updates tell that the desktop and the laptop are also using it.

UC Browser – It’s Important Features

Now thinking why the UC browser is getting so a much popularity over the chrome? Well here it is:

  1. Allow you to get the customizable home page. This feature is known as the cards. The in-app widgets can be manually sorted as per your desire. So make you home according to your preference and like. Save the app which can show you the headlines. Thus you don’t need to open the website but get the headlines in your phone. Isn’t it a great way to use this browser?
  2. The technology which is being used for the web browser is cloud boosted technology. This means the users will experience much faster loading in the mobile devices.
  3. This browser is having a download manager and it is quite advanced. Simultaneous downloads can be easily done and download update notifications is also given. With various other features, we can say the UC browser is having a neat file manager which actually separates the downloaded files.
  4. Fewer browsers are having so much customizable option than the UC browser. You can take the offline themes or the online theme. And even if you are not happy with them opt for the photos which are in your gallery.
  5. Have you been wishing to block the unwanted ads while searching? Well, the ad blocker of the UC browser can actually do it.
  6. Another important feature that it is having is the quick access to any website. This is being allowed by the shortcuts of the various applications.
  7. A new addition is the notification channels. One can block the unimportant notifications and keeping only the ones you want to have. But this is only for the android devices of version 8.0 and above.
  8. The iFlow features will help you to find the pray table.
  9. The performance optimization of the video has been fixed along with the bugs.

So now you can understand why UC browser has got so much of popularity.

How to download it in windows

You got the interest to download this new browser in your Windows7/8/10 device, right?

Yes this browser is well supported by the android and windows devices both and works best in these operating systems. Start the download of the UC browser or laptop with the following steps:

Let us first make clear that the browser is not more than 50MB and can imagine how easily it can be downloaded. After the download, the set up can be installed on the system. The interface of the given browser is quite impressive and innovative too. impressive as the themes are quite catchy and innovative as you can find something new about it at every step.

Thus the entire experience of using it is quite fun.

The users of the Google chrome can find this browser a familiar one. At the primary stage, it looks like the Google chrome.

Thus the first thing after download that you will surely notice is the download manager. Download it and get the browsing fast and at a advanced stage.

Experience these features which can really give you a different experience

  1. Download is very quick
  2. User experiences a smooth browsing.
  3. You get the facility of data saving mode.
  4. Block the unwanted advertisement with the ad blocker
  5. Browsing of the video at high speed
  6. Night mode and facebook mode are additional features.
  7. Safe and beautiful
  8. The best feature is that one can open up to 20 windows at a time. So make you functions more purposeful
  9. Interface of the browser is really eye catchy.

So here is all that you can get of the UC browser.

The UC browser is well operated in both of these operating systems. They are equally acceptable in both of them.

Among all, the latest updates of the windows phone are the Wi-Fi sharing feature. File can be easily transferred from one phone, PC or tablets to another. Easy sharing of the downloaded files is also possible through the Wi-fi.

Another very interesting feature is the preloading that allows the page to be read smoothly. While you are reading one page, the next page is preloaded so that there is no disturbance of the reading interest.

Whether for the windows or for android, the browser is available for free of cost. There is no paid version for the download of the browser.

Look for the link by searching over the internet. Click the link and get it download smoothly. Even a first time user can do it blindly. There are no essentialities of the technical knowledge.

But when you get into a comparison with the Google Chrome, it may be said that the UC needs a more updates. Chrome has been into the market with all its best features. The bugs of the UC browser will not allow continuing the search and create a lot of havoc.

So don’t wait, experience it now and get the browsing experience taken to a new level.

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