7 Best Android Vehicular Combat Games That You Must Try 2018


2018 is the year when you can see tech at its peak level. Tech has touched almost every aspect of our life either it is health education or the ways of communication we use in our daily life. There was a time when we were dependent on video games for our gaming needs but now we have lots of ways to play games together with your friends staying anywhere in the world. Also, it is not about just one or two games you can choose from millions of different games available on the play store.  If you are a racing lover, then you will find different types of racing games on the play store, but combat racing is my favorite and, in this article, I am listing 5 best combat racing games which you should try in 2018.

Clash for speed:

Clash for speed is a combat racing game gaining popularity these days it is actually a game which deserves to be on the top of our list of best vehicular combat racing games. The game is actually the next level of combat racing. You need to crush your competitors rudely if you want to become the ultimate winner. You can choose to design your own track or can accept the challenge on any preloaded track. On the way you will get lots of weapons and speed boosters. With earned credits you can upgrade your vehicle with shields and different accessories.

Drive Ahead:

Next vehicular racing game in our list is Drive Ahead. As you can understand by name itself in the game all you need to drive your vehicle. On the way you may need to face any obstacle it can be a tank can be a bike or can be an alien driven car. All you need to get alive out or a cage kind of formation and you can destroy everything which comes way keep driving.

Death Moto 3:

If love bike riding games, then here is a bike riding combat racing game. Ride a motor cycle in open air and bang your enemies with sword and you will also get a pistol to shoot your competitors. To speed up your vehicle you will get NOS boosters and you can also upgrade your bike with the credits earned in the game. Controllers of game are well designed to give you a refined experience.

Dead Paradise: The Road Warrior:

Another Vehicular racing game in our list is Dead paradise in which you will get a gun installed on your car. As you will proceed further in the game you will need to face some giant size machines such as a tank or a heavy vehicle. You need to shoot and destroy these vehicles and, in the end, need to be the first to reach destination. To upgrade your car and weapons you need to ern credits which can be done by completing tasks assigned to you in the game.

Cars battle:

Cars battle is combat car racing game in which initially you will get a jeep to drive which can be upgraded with the help of credits. The game is based on a concept which is into trend these days you need to drive within an area which will be contracted with the time and you will lose health if you will stay out of the circle. In simple words battle will get complicated with the time and you will need to try harder for the survival.

Riot Road Fight:

If you are looking for a light weight game which you can play in your free time and do not want to spend much MBs then you should go for Riot road fight. It is an endless fighting game in which you will have to collect coins while drive which can help you to purchase weapons and to make upgrades to your vehicle. You will basically have a formula 1 car which can be equipped by guns and missiles to knock out other riders on the way. To reach next level you need to destroy the boss who is on a big tank or on a giant vehicle.

Racing Combat:

Fastest cars with the best customization wins the race is the concept of this game. You will get a sports car to drive and all you need to do is to bang other riders on the way. It is completely your way to take down your competitors. Either you can fire a missile, or you can through a grenade on them. You can choose from variety of driver cards and each driver have its own magical powers. Like other online games you can link multiple drivers to play from anywhere in the world. There are 25 customizable cars which may also increase in the next update you can choose accessories for your car to take them to the winning point.

So, these were 5 best Android Vehicular combat games load them on your device and get ready to get into the action shoot kill crush but anyhow win the race. We hope our list will help you to choose the right application to delight the action loving gamer inside you. If you need extra dose of hardcore action and combat racing, then you should go for Clash for speed from tweaking technologies.

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