Top 5 Best Popular Torrent Sites of 2018


Which are the best torrent sites in the year 2018?

Well, many are there who are looking for the best torrent sites. we have seen a quick end of the Extra torrents, Kickass, project torrents and many other such popular torrents sites.  due to the different rules and regulations, many sites are getting blocked while some are not supported by the browser too.

So who has taken the place of those lost applications? Luckily we have got some of the best torrents sites applications who can replace the previous ones. But keep in mind the safety of using these sites. Many regions of the world has blocked them due to unsupported reasons. Some of them are not well supported on the Google Chrome. So what to be done in those cases?

It’s the VPN that can help you and protect you both. The VPN do this task for good reason. Otherwise the users will be unable to download any videos form the online platform.  In spite of knowing about the torrenting sites, it is best to use the VPN. After we describe about the 5 best sites, we described how to use the VPN. Don’t forget to check that out too.

Top 5 best torrents sites

  Check out the list and help yourself with such issues:

  1. The pirate bay:

Often called now as the” King of the torrents”, it is an application preferred most. It is also the oldest sites in the considered list. In the index of the world, no other can match the popularity of the TPB or the pirate bay.  And the popularity came with the easy installation, numerous selections of the torrents and minimum adverts too. It is also having the best variety too. so due to so many reasons, the pirate bay is leading the list of the torrents sites. get the at the domain of .org and you can easily make use of it.

  1. YTS

It can be called as the informal successor of the YIFY group. But this is the unique one which is different from the Pirate bay. The uniqueness lies in the heavy specialization in movies. But there are different controversies related to the official relation of the site. Often people are aware that they are the only official website of the YIFY group. But that are not agreed by many too. But we only know about its function. Whether officially approved or not, it gives you the best on the torrents sites. so a huge downloads are seen for the site.

  1. 1337X

With the demise of the KAT, this new website emerged replacing the KAT. Also it can be said that the 1337X is a perfect successor of the ExtraTorrents.  In the year 2007, when the website was launched, it showed a huge traffic for the website. Thus the popularity is rising since then. though this site is not so advanced like the others, but still its features are unique. It is having a clean index page,(probably its new) it brings in a huge  collection of movies, games and television.

So what do we want more from them?

  1. RARBG

RARBG started its journey in the year 2008 as the Bit torrent tracker. But slowly its became the torrents favorite. But what is its secret? The high quality video of the torrents has made its all time popular since 2008. It also magnets link to minimum of 30,000 users in a day. Isn’t the website a great one to use?  Another very interesting factor is that it is very easy to use for anyone who is beginning too. The huge community of the RARBG regularly keeps on posting the feedbacks on the torrents.

  1. TorrentZ2

Remember the site? That has been ended since long time in the year 2016. So the place has been replaced by the TorrentZ2. But it is the site which does not link to the external torrents and indicates the torrents hashes only. The add-ons of the browser and the plug-ins are active in this website.  The magnet link is not functioning fully though it is active still now. In spite of having few cons, the site is popular and favorite of many users. You can start off with this one if you are a beginner of using the torrents website.

Know the usage of the VPN

In spite of having so many such websites, there are many issues that come up. It becomes a legal matter when downloading the copyrighted content. Thus here the VPN or the virtual private network can be quite helpful. With the use of the VPN it is nearly impossible for the internet service provider to locate the users of the website.teh main task of the VPN is to spoof the location of the users. Thus it is a security system which is safeguarding the users form any illegal entry to any blocked website. Now how do they do so?

This is made possible by encrypting the data which you are downloading from a blocked website. We recommend every user to make use of the VPN. It would prevent any risks of getting fined or spending a time in the jail.

Here we give you the best solution to avoid legal matters. Another alternative to such issues is to use the streaming sites. But even here don’t ignore the use of the VPN. Well you never know which one is safe to use. It is strictly recommended due to the security and the privacy that it provides to the users.

On conclusion, we can only say that torrenting can bring in unexpected problems for you. that can only be prevented when you keep the IP address a secret one. This is only possible which the use of the VPN. Never ever think of getting the website access without the VPN. Or you may have some problems. VPN is a safeguard which help you to torrents without any risks of getting caught or illegal access. In case if you want to keep the Torrents live then always make use of the VPN in that case. Really serious troubles will be far off.

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